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Thread: General 2019 Reaction to News and Chatter Thread (let's talk amongst ourselves)

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    It's much worse. Bates has been implicated in a dozen missed assignments this season already. Williams is Williams. The Bengals act like he's a star player instead of the liability he's almost always been.

    Of note, Brandon Wilson finally got some snaps.
    I thought Williams was solid last year... thought he was turning a corner, but this year he's always a few steps late, and tackling has sucked. Bates has been a horror show... really disappointing so far. At least Wilson brings speed and some playmaking to the position. I thought he played pretty well last night. One of the few.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    I think the DL effectiveness is completely nullified by having absolute **** at linebacker.
    No doubt the LBs being terrible doesn't help (!) but the DL has done a lousy job of setting the edges all year, and guys like Hubbard have been exposed a lot. I love his effort but the issues are not all on the LBs.

    And they didn't get any pressure last night... not even getting hands up to bat a pass or two down. That was one of Dunlap's signatures in past years. They haven't figured out how to handle the misdirection at all... that's on the coaching staff to come up with something, and Anarumo and crew have no answer yet.

    Steelers, OTOH, got lots of pressure at the snap, which disrupted the Bengals' passing game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whodeyjc View Post
    Not spending money on Kwon Alexander may have been our worst move. He was expensive, but sometimes you have to overpay so you don't have to deal with this ****.
    Drafting Billy Price in the first round will always be our worst move. Rock stupid.

    Rashan Evans just had a 10 tackle game. Duke Tobin once laughed when someone suggested he was a better choice than Price.
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