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Thread: Week 5: Cardinals at Bengals Game Thread

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    It wouldn’t matter, they are absolutely pathetic

    I’m done. So sick of this team.

    No heart, no skill. I detest Mike Brown with a passion. They’ve broken my spirit as a fan.

    They’ve got nothing. Through the lost decade of the 90s, the early 2000s. I had hope in the early AJ days. But they just don’t have it. Andy stinks. The offense can’t score. The D can’t stop anyone.

    Until they sell the team, or leave, I’m done.

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    I’ll say one thing, this crowd is into it.

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    It’s time for Geno and Dunlap to show up!!!

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    OMG!!! I can't believe that pass to Boyd!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigDawgBengal View Post
    It’s time for Geno and Dunlap to show up!!!
    Never mind. Zero clutch play making ability. Game after game.

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    Ah well...

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    Bogus catch call. Can not believe it wasn’t reviewed. Oh well. This team sucks. No need to eff up a blue chip prospect

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    Defense chokes again in the clutch...

    0 - 5

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    At least we didn't blow it and accidentally win. Protect the draft pick.

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    some bright spots:

    Auden Tate continues to impress despite a drop on the opening drive that may have been a touchdown (they also should have been throwing him a fade instead of a slant)

    Yes the redzone offense was horrid, but overall the Bengals scored on 5 of their 9 drives

    Mixon's third straight quality game running.

    While it's not something I want to see for a full game, John Jerry held up well at LT vs a good pass rusher in Chandler Jones.


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