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Thread: Are fans smarter than the Bengals front office?

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    Because all teams miss on draft picks, that's the reason why they should deal everything of value not tied down. Basically, Sashi what's his face had it right in Cleveland and the 76ers "process" was right. Accumulate as many picks as humanly possible to increase your odds on hitting on some percentage of them.
    Missing on draft picks is exactly why we shouldn't trade the young guys. You're going to trade a promising young player for a 3rd round pick, so that there's a <50% chance the replacement is as good? Pick a year you think you can be good again and identify who is or can be under contract at that time. I personally think we can aim for 2021, trade anyone not in the 2021 plans

    Boyd, Bates, Uzomah, etc are under contract so I keep them.
    Atkins, Dunlap, and that range of player depends on the return. I'm not interested in picks outside the 3rd round. The exception here is if cap savings go into rebuilding the O-line.
    For the Mixon's and WJIII, I still try to extend them but trade if I can't.

    To me a rebuild is about shedding old players and their salaries, but I want a base to build from.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    First sentence isn’t accurate but whatever.
    First sentence was accurate. I called nobody out by name and purposely gave numerous examples of horrible but initially popular moves this team has made. Could easily have listed dozens of others.
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    Probably even more evidence now. Who amongst us wouldn't have traded Dre, Dalton and Eifert at the Trading Deadline. The Bengals Bungled all 3 and might have nothing to show for it in the offseason.


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