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Thread: Zac Taylor to Bengals fans: Hang with us

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    Zac Taylor to Bengals fans: Hang with us

    Posted by Josh Alper on October 7, 2019, 6:37 AM EDT

    The Bengals showed some life in the fourth quarter on Sunday by rallying to tie the Cardinals after falling behind by 14 points, but the end result of the game turned out to be the same as the first four weeks fo the season.

    Arizona drove down the field easily and kicked a field goal as time expired to send the Bengals to an 0-5 start for the first time since 2008. It’s also the fifth straight loss to start Zac Taylor’s head coaching career and much of that futile comeback took place after fans had left Paul Brown Stadium assuming another loss was guaranteed.

    Taylor sent a message to the entire Bengals fan base after the game.

    “I want so badly to succeed,” Taylor said, via “The [fans] who came out, we love the support. We’ve got to put some wins in the win column. I get it. This is every fan base I’ve been around. They want to see wins. They want to see production. We haven’t given it to them yet. They think they’re frustrated. Check our locker room. We’re frustrated. We work so hard for this stuff. It hasn’t come yet. The day that it comes, it’s going to be good times. Hang with us.”

    Injuries along the offensive line and at wide receiver have made life much more difficult for Taylor and the Bengals, but they’re gonna need some positive results in order to really sell the idea that they’re on the right track.

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    Did nobody warn Zac about Cincy's home field disadvantage?


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