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Thread: Week 10 Notes; Oakland

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    How the hell are the Raiders' receivers WIDE OPEN on every other play?

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    Looks like we're still on track for the number one draft pick...

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    Goodness. Bobby...take a seat next to Cordy. Thanks.

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    i think this is a game Andy might have won, so good thing we didn't play him.

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    We have officially been eliminated

  6. For a franchise with a pretty crappy history, this season is really dipping into historically awful.

    Is there a threshold where Mike actually ****cans Taylor for this? As much of a miser as he is, to some extent he does care about not being a complete and total embarrassment.

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    I don’t see how you can bring Taylor back. Maybe that changes over the final six games but when you are brought in as an offensive genius and your offense is this bad, it’s not good. Also, when you bench your franchise QB and essentially run him out of town, you better make sure what you are replacing him with is at least capable. Finley can’t even complete 50 percent of his passes. To me, Taylor has six games to prove he deserves the job next year.

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    Auden Tate flying home with the team, wearing a neck brace.

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    I think Taylor stays with 2 wins, 1 is questionable, 0 you have to move on. It's hard to go 0-16 and no one should survive that.

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    I think Taylor stays even if they are 0-16. We are talking about Mike Brown here... he’s a patient soul and he’s got his own timetable and tolerance level, whatever the f@%k that is - and as disheartening as that may be.

    In Zac’s defense, he inherited these players for the most part. Gotta think if AJ and Ross were around, they’d have won a few... and maybe Andy would still be starting. Heck, as someone else stated, maybe they win today had Andy played. Other than a few runs, Finley blew chunks. Really inaccurate, even on short passes. Disappointing performance for him.

    Defensive performance -while not great - was the best since game one, and certainly good enough on the road for a win, if the passing game wasn’t a total train wreck, against a pretty bad defense. And pass pro... c’mon. Maxx Crosby with 4 sacks? Useful player, but he’s not Von Miller or Khalil Mack. This OL is brutally bad, especially at T.

    Hard to watch the Raiders have so many rookies playing solid football... Crosby, Mullen, Ferrell, Jacobs... and the Bengals don’t have one who’s done much of anything, at least not yet. Pratt made a play or two vs. the run but he’s just terrible in coverage. Sample has been nothing to write home about, Jordan sucked rocks, Wren not ready for prime time... it’s one thing to suck but get better each week, and see young guys develop before your eyes. That’s really not happening here with the rookies.

    As a fan, it’s disheartening to think that Duke Tobin and crew’s recent poor drafting, especially at OL and LB, has been an absolute mess... you wonder if they can rebuild this thing with him running the show.


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