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Thread: My annual Draft Contest on the "Other Board"

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    My annual Draft Contest on the "Other Board"

    Is still on for those of you who haven't been banned over there. It will start on Saturday and will be based on their second pick.

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    Has anyone actually been banned??

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    I don't know. I know a few of they guys here never post on the other board.

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    I've not been banned there, but seldom comment because it's like a kindergarten pissing contest with anything and everything you say there. Every great once in a while I glean something of value on that board...guess that's why I still check it out.

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    I haven’t posted there in years but check it out occasionally when things are slow here. The day dalton got benched Jamie B posted asking if I was still around (presumably to rub it in cause I was a “dalton defender” back in the day). So didn’t seem like things changed much there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Has anyone actually been banned??
    I've been banned from the other board--I made the mistake of offering different viewpoints on the 'Jesus and Drumpf' board. I was accused of being a RACIST (which I am not) and then banned by USN Bengal (who I believe is no longer even there).

    SF2 (another mod) even looked at my posts and asked why I was banned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Has anyone actually been banned??

    My original sin was telling a Bush joke on the political board. Was permanently banned by Lucid. Posted for awhile under a different user name until Le Tigre outed me. Banned again by Montana...for ignoring the first ban.

    Was happy to leave.

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    Never banned, but got sick of Go, Jamie, and the nonsense that permeated the place. Went back a couple times to check pms, but stopped doing even that years ago... I hated the conduct of the heads of the board, and thought less and less of the ‘rational’ mods who just bowed to the lunacy.

    I’m happy here. Squabbles crop up, but it’s just such a solid group of people.

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    The contest thread is up now if any of you want to participate.


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