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Thread: Ravens’ DC yelled at Bengals’ coach for last-minute field goal down 27-0

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    Ravens’ DC yelled at Bengals’ coach for last-minute field goal down 27-0

    Posted by Michael David Smith on October 15, 2020, 4:01 PM EDT

    Trailing the Ravens 27-0 on Sunday, Bengals head coach Zac Taylor sent his field goal team on the field with 37 seconds left to avoid a shutout and lose 27-3. Ravens defensive coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale was not amused.

    Asked today for his reaction to that field goal, Martindale said Taylor knows his reaction because he was screaming at Taylor across the field for what Martindale considered a bush league move.

    “He knew what it was because it was awful quiet when I yelled it across the field. There are some people that take that as a victory. We’ll see. We’ll have plenty to talk about the next time we play them,” Martindale said, via ESPN.

    If Taylor just didn’t want his offense to get shut out, he got what he wanted with that last-minute field goal. But Martindale didn’t like it, or respect it.

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    This is why the Ravens are A$$HOLES!

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    A losing team attempts to score despite no chance of winning. Where is the slight, or unusual nature that makes this even a question for a reporter?

    This isn’t baseball. There aren’t convoluted unwritten rules. You try to score until time runs out. Quitting is never an option, because it makes giving up okay.... Stupid take by that coordinator.

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    Lol stupid. They kicked the FG to keep Burrow clean.

    If you look at the drive chart, the entire drive was hand offs to Mixon or dump offs to Mixon.

    They had no intention of Burrow getting touched on that drive.

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    Don't want them to take your shutout? Keep them out of FG range.

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    Bengals weren't competitive in this game from start to finish.

    Was a bush league effort regardless of the final score.

    Meanwhile Bengal coaching staff walks away bragging about how they stopped the Ravens run game.

    Some people will call that a victory, right?

    Still, it's hard to imagine the Ravens coaching staff can screw up much anger for the rematch.

    Like being mad at the baby when it cries after you take his candy.
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    Silly Bengals. They can't even lose right apparently ...

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    Kind of a bush move to kick the FG but like Jason said, Ravens should have kept them out of range to prevent that that possibility. Most of the time you see a TD at the end which ruins the shutout, or the offense going for a TD and not making it, and getting shut out. That was Marvin’s style.

    But in the whole scheme of things, it’s pretty trivial IMO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by texbengal View Post

    But in the whole scheme of things, it’s pretty trivial IMO.

    If there's anything worth mentioning it's how a another teams coach was so willing to call out Taylor for being bush.

    No respect. No respect at all.


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