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Thread: New Salary Cap Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post

    Now is it guaranteed he’d accept that deal if we tag him? Prob not.
    You just wrote a long scenario that explains why players get angry when franchised tagged.

    Consider, the Bengals just paid AJ Green five times what he was worth...fully guaranteed...and all it did was make him mad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    I’d rather overpay for our own than a free agent. Free agents are almost always overpaid.
    If tagged Lawson certainly would be.

    The money you're overspending could be used for the FA offensive lineman everyone expects/demands.

    Would also be a chance to replace Lawson with a different type of edge player.

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    I like Lawson but backing up the truck for a guy who has had a history of injuries in both college and pro football is a risk. Guess we will see what happens with tagging guys but it looks like there will be quite a few intriguing edge players... guys like Shaq Barrett, Dupree, Judon, Reddick, Hendrickson, etc.

    I think Lawson will get big money, whether from the Bengals or elsewhere. He's been productive when he's played, and he's really young, too. And while it's still a work in progress, he showed that he can hold up as a 4-3 end in the run game. If they don't re-sign him, they have to get help elsewhere... which they can do, certainly.

    Bottom line, if I'm shoring up the D, I'm looking at pressure players first. If nothing else, the SB just showed what a pass rush can do for a defense.

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    Lawson was very good as a rookie. Did something that traditionally only first rounders do. Second year he got hurt. Third year still recovering from his injury but he was very good in the second half and he was very good in 2020.

    I think the comparisons to tagging AJ last year aren’t comparable. AJ was 32 coming off 3 straight seasons with injuries and on the downside of his career.

    Lawson is an ascending player and young and a guy you want to keep around in my opinion.

    If you sign him to a big 4 year extension you can keep the cap hits under 12-13M a year for the first 3 years. Can prob keep this years as low as 8M or so. Might have a decision to make in year 4 with a big cap hit coming due but that’s how the good teams that are flexible with the cap do things. And we stared doing it last year with like the DJR contract.

    As I said I’m not a huge fan of tagging and not extending. But if they truly think they can get a long term deal done once they tag him I’m all for it. Would prefer an extension before the tag.

    But letting him walk just doesn’t seem ideal.

    Last thing...if we did tag him but can’t get a deal done, why not look to tag and trade? I bet someone would give up a 2nd or 3rd rounder for Lawson. Once again, better than just letting him walk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    I think the comparisons to tagging AJ last year aren’t comparable.
    I use it as a comparison mostly because it happened just last year and it serves as ample proof of how the Bengals can convince themselves of anything, no matter how stupid, when faced with a player willing to depart if not paid fair market value long term.

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    I was thinking about the Carl Lawson news where the bengals are interested in tagging him if they can’t get a deal done.

    Logic says to get a long term deal done because we could significantly lower this years cap vs the franchise tag.

    However, there is a huge difference in how it works from a cash standpoint with a tag vs extension. On the tag, while we have to pay him 15-16M this year, the bengals would pay it across the 17 week NFL season. 1M a week in cash essentially. No need to pay him 20M or so all at once in March.

    Vs an extension, even one that makes sense, we still are prob paying a signing bonus of at least 15M. Meaning the bengals have to have that cash on hand come March right?

    With everything that has happened during the pandemic it makes me a little worried that the bengals will go back to their old ways and not offer good signing bonuses because they don’t feel they want to give up that much cash at signing.

    Makes me wonder what the bengals will prioritize this much cash they are spending or how they can figure out ways to spend money and bring in good players but do so in a cap efficient way this year.

    Whatever happens with Lawson might be very telling.

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    I haven’t listened to the whole podcast yet but John Sheehan and Andre Perotta did an interesting podcast on how much CASH the bengals might spend this offseason as opposed to how much cap space.

    They did the math to show traditionally the bengals spend about 3 percent more in cash than the annual cap salary cap number. So with the cap at 185M it would say the bengals historically would spend about 190M in actual cash in 2021.

    Currently we have about 117M in cash commitments this year but if they cut Bobby, Finney, and Geno that cash number goes down to about 95M meaning they would have about 85-90M in cash to spend this offseason.

    Why does that matter? Because it means you can sign a guy like Carl Lawson (or joe Thuney or insert big FA name in) and structure it the right way so that you might pay them about 20ish million in cash this season but it only takes up a cap hit of like 8-10M or so.

    And the bengals are open to doing this ala DJ reader last year. He has 22.5M in cash last year but his cap hit was only around 10.

    So hopefully this is a sign the bengals might be more aggressive this offseason than some might think.

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    The Bengals would eat $5M the next two years but save $10.8M this year if they cut Trae Waynes after June 1st. As well as save $11M next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    The Bengals would eat $5M the next two years but save $10.8M this year if they cut Trae Waynes after June 1st. As well as save $11M next year.
    I mean, they kinda need at least one CB, tho, right?


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