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Thread: Media Mock Drafts

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    I brought up Marshall in another thread but no one replied. What are the thoughts on him? What are the chances he’s there at 38 and if so could he be the perfect fit as a number 3 in this offense? Seems like he’s got good size, good speed, can go deep, and has a joe burrow connection.

    If we went Sewell at 5 I think he’d be my number 1 target at 38. But I can’t say I’ve studied the guy so I’m curious on everyone else’s thoughts.

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    I don't have a good handle on his speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    I don't have a good handle on his speed.
    From what I’ve read sounds like he has really good top end speed and can use it to go deep. However I don’t know that he has the short term burst and twitchyness to be elite and getting a fast break off the line and getting quick separation. But has the size to make up for it.

    I might need to watch more tape especially if the rumors of the bengals targeting Sewell is true. As much as I’d like chase I’d also love to get Sewell. I just hope we don’t put all our eggs in the Sewell basket and settle for another tackle at 5 if Sewell is gone. That’s the nightmare scenario that we have seen too many times here.

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    Sounds good. Maybe he is a lot like Tee. In my mind’s eye, I wanted someone opposite Tee who profiles a little differently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    Sounds good. Maybe he is a lot like Tee. In my mind’s eye, I wanted someone opposite Tee who profiles a little differently.
    I believe he is gonna be faster though. I think I read he could have high 4.3 low 4.4 type speed but idk.

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    5. Cincinnati Bengals

    Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon
    Protecting quarterback Joe Burrow should be Cincinnati's primary concern this offseason, after the Bengals' line allowed 48 sacks in 2020. Burrow was pressured or hit on nearly 30% of his dropbacks before he suffered a season-ending knee injury in Week 11. Sewell is the top offensive lineman in the class despite opting out last season, and he'd help keep the Bengals' franchise QB upright for years to come.
    Ben Baby on his fit with the Bengals:Sewell represents long-term stability at left tackle that should help solidify an offensive line that still needs to address the interior. If Sewell comes aboard, that likely means Jonah Williams will slide to right tackle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    I believe he is gonna be faster though. I think I read he could have high 4.3 low 4.4 type speed but idk.
    Maybe. I wouldn't hate it in 2, but I don't know what my expectations would be for him. Not sure he's a clear "1" at WR.

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    5. Cincinnati Bengals: Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon

    I’ve seen mocks taking Ja’Marr Chase here and reuniting him and Joe Burrow. Yet, I can’t imagine the Bengals watched the film last year, hired a new offensive line coach in the returning of Frank Pollack, and reach the conclusion of drafting a receiver here.
    Penei Sewell starts at left tackle right away in Frank Pollack’s scheme and allows the Bengals to move Jonah Williams to right tackle. I’m generally against flipping players, but Williams played right tackle as a freshman at Alabama and has the experience there, unlike Sewell. Sewell and Williams give the Bengals an excellent young tackle duo to protect Joe Burrow.

    38. Cincinnati Bengals: Tyson Campbell, CB, Georgia

    The Bengals don’t seem to be reaching a reunion with William Jackson III, given their increased emphasis on Carl Lawson. As such, the Bengals will need to find a new corner in their secondary to replace him.

    69. Cincinnati Bengals: Daviyon Nixon, DT, Iowa

    The Bengals seem to be approaching a departure from long-time standout Geno Atkins to save cap space. They spent big on acquiring D.J. Reader in the offseason, but they need a pass-rushing defensive tackle next to him. He’s a fluid interior rusher who posted incredible production in limited games this season in the Big Ten.Campbell is still somewhat raw on the technical side of playing corner, but his physical makeup and profile are at the top of the class. In a division that features Odell Beckham Jr., Chase Claypool, and Hollywood Brown, a corner with size and speed is necessary.

    111. Cincinnati Bengals: Cade Johnson, WR, South Dakota State

    150. Cincinnati Bengals: Damar Hamlin, S, Pitt

    192. Cincinnati Bengals: Marlon Williams, WR, UCF

    233. Cincinnati Bengals: KJ Sails, CB, USF

    231. Cincinnati Bengals: Pro Wells, TE, TCU
    The Bengals need to continue adding weapons around Joe Burrow. A receiving tight end with Pro Wells’ athletic upside would be a good addition in this 7-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft. Wells earned a Combine invite, despite minimal college production, suggesting his upside has the league’s attention. C.J. Uzomah’s deal expires next season, and Wells could be developing and hitting at the right time by the time Uzomah moves on.

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    Sewell was gone


    Ja'Marr Chase

    WR, LSU

    The Bengals of course have to address the offensive line, but they also are in a position to collect playmakers while also fortifying the offensive front. The franchise already has some intriguing pieces on the outside, but they elect to continue to build on a strength. With the class being strong at offensive tackle, there are still plenty of opportunities to add to the unit in front of Joe Burrow, so they go with their WR1 and a former Burrow teammate.


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