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Thread: Cap Casualty Cuts Across the League 2021 - Let's track them here

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    Pretty sure his tank is completely empty.
    Could be. I have always liked the guy and he is who we wanted when we drafted Ross.

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    Someone had speculated on there being a potential market for Hart to be traded. I don't think there ever was one but that's gone now for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengalbro View Post
    Could be. I have always liked the guy and he is who we wanted when we drafted Ross.
    Simpson not Ross.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBandJoeyV View Post
    Simpson not Ross.
    No it was Ross.

    Nevermind....I get what you were saying....

    When we drafted John Ross we wanted him to become DeSean Jackson.

    Simpson and Jackson went in the same draft.

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    Tyler Eifert cut by the Jags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkansas Bengal View Post
    Tyler Eifert cut by the Jags
    Eifert-Reed-Rudolph all interesting as 3rd TE's. Rudolph not available quite yet. Probably better to just draft an athletic guy.

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    Bring Rudolph home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post
    Bring Rudolph home.
    He is the one I am most excited about too. Probably makes perfect sense on a one year deal. (As an aside do any of these hometown guys have histories together? Thuney, Linsley, Rudolph? Etc.)

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    Texans release OL Senio Kelemete (who is apparently a real person).

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    Raiders release WR Tyrell Williams.


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