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Thread: rather lose a close game or a blow out?

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    Close, and it's not even close.

    Blowouts are just sad. Frustration at the end of a competitive game is easier to take than a long track record of being so lousy as to make it easy to forget to be supportive.

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    Close losses - like say the Bills losing in OT to the Ravens - are alright based on the circumstances. Your team's an underdog, they played as well as they could etc. etc.

    But if it was a question of a loss like the one to the Packers early this season, or a "Music City Miracle" there's just no question. Let my team get crushed. Better to have that than a real heartbreaker.

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    I think you are probably right pruitt but at the same time I watched those superbowl blowouts to the cowboys and I don't think playoffs and the regular season make fair comparisons.

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    Looking at the last 2 primetime games - Cowboys got humiliated by the Packers, Bengals took the Steelers into the last minute (despite not showing up until halftime). Obviously rather be a Bengal than a Cowboy on Tuesday morning. There's something to talk about after a close loss. A bad call, a missed blocked, a coin flip (for Lions fans), there's reason for hope. After a loss like the Cowboys had, there's nothing to say but how long until we fire the coach (it was about 15 hours).

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    True about the something to talk about I guess after all of these close loses im tired of talking about the same things and seeing no changes.

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