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Thread: Do the Bills have good coaching staff?

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    I have hated the Gailey hire since day one, but I'm beginning to think that he is doing a pretty good job. This roster is atrocious and the fact that the team is still fighting hard is a tribute to him.

    Nix on the other hand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by trh5001 View Post
    I guess I could believe that but relying on merriman may not be a good solution as he is likely a one year rental and this year is shot. Also how does cutler have all day to throw the ball that's just embarissing on every level.
    Pretty sure Merriman will have a good showing.
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    Oh I wouldn't be surprised if merriman got 8-9 sacks in the games he plays but I doubt his willingness to play in buffalo past this year and I doubt the teams willingness to franchise him(it just isnt the teams style).

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