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Thread: Where do we go from here

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    Where do we go from here

    The Bucs definitely proved that football is a game of inches yesterday. Whether it be an onside kick or just short of a first down the bucs came up just a little short yesterday. While you can say we hung in close against possibly the best team in the NFC and had a chance at the end to win it, it's still a loss. If playing close games was worth anything the Bills would be getting ready for the playoffs. So we are at the halfway point in the season standing at 5-3. If you told any Bucs fan this at the start of the season we would have been overjoyed. The thing is we should be. Looking at the remaining schedule and the way the team is improving I see another 5-3 in the second half and a wild card spot. From looking at the upcoming schedules of possible playoff teams I think the Saints and Bucs get both wild card spots. The NFC South is the class of the conference this year.

    A loss like this is one this team needed. A game that they feel they could have and should have won. Instead of being blown out and chalking it up to not there day or they were outclassed they can look up at the standings and say that should be us. Give them the fight they are going to need down the stretch when they get Atlanta again this time outside of their friendly confines of the "House that Prime Time built".

    And for the people that still don't believe this team is legit, let em keep believing that. I mean who would have thought the San Fran Giants were going to be world champs? If you get into the playoffs you at least have a chance.
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    Dunno if the Bucs are a contender yet but Rasheem Morris has made a believer out of me. He's got that team playing hard and never giving up. Gotta love it.


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