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Thread: Week 13 Notes: Chargers

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    Week 13 Notes: Chargers

    NFL Philosophy


    I think it’s time we put Burrow in the “Don’t Blitz” category with Brady and Mahomes.

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    Staley is a huge advocate of cover 2. Chargers are the worst team in the league (by a pretty wide margin) against the run. Need another huge day from Joe. Would be nice to see Ja’Marr start cooking a little bit though.

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    Chargers Ravens Chiefs and 49ers all bottom half of league in opposing QBR. Chargers and Chiefs also near the bottom in YPC.

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    Jay Morrison


    Riley Reiff and Chris Evans have ankle injuries that may limit them this week in practice. Hopkins is fine but might go limited Wednesday. Thaddeus Moss injured hamstring in pregame warmups and may be the longest term injury

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    Paul Dehner Jr.


    No worries about Trey Hopkins from Zac Taylor. Good shape, just was precaution due to circumstance of the game.

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    Kelsey Conway


    Zac Taylor giving a ton of props to Duke Tobin and his staff for the work they do in free agency

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    Kelsey Conway


    Zac Taylor says the #Bengals want to have the best blocking wide receivers in the NFL, that’s the mission

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    Jay Morrison


    Zac gave the #Bengals players the day off today. He said he set a standard for the Steelers game and they met it.

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    Tyler Dragon


    I just previewed the Bengals vs. Chargers game with former Chargers All-Pro linebacker Shawne Merriman. He picked the Bengals to win at home on Sunday. The entire preview will be on @USATSportsPlus


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