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Thread: MAQB: Joe Burrow's Toughness Helps Him As a Leader

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    MAQB: Joe Burrow's Toughness Helps Him As a Leader

    MAQB: Joe Burrow's Toughness Helps Him As a Leader; Taysom Hill Contract Incentives

    Zac Taylor compares his QB to a linebacker. Plus, Taysom's full list of possible payouts in 2021, injuries to Christian McCaffrey and Jack Conklin, coach salaries and more notes from around the league.

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    Thanksgiving is in the rearview, and we've got just one more game until December football. Let's go ...

    Sam Greene/The Enquirer/ USA TODAY Network (Burrow); Chuck Cook/USA TODAY Sports (Hill); Bob Donnan/USA TODAY Sports (McCaffrey)

    • Sunday, during the first half of Bengals-Steelers, a replay of Joe Burrow going toe to toe with T.J. Watt caught my eye, so I took some video of it because it looked so unusual—a quarterback engaged in the sort of deadlock with the monstrous Watt that you’d normally see from linemen going at it after the whistle. Both guys were clearly trying to get the other guy on the ground, Burrow wasn’t going down easy and the scene got the eye of another former Ohio State quarterback who knows the Bengals QB well.

    Kirk Herbstreit


    HUGE in the locker room when team reviews game film and sees your franchise QB fighting for his team. Can’t overstate how big this goes over in a locker room. Not surprised by Joe doing it either.

    Albert Breer


    Credit to Joe Burrow. Not sure how many QBs would be willing to lock horns with Trent Jordan Watt like this.

    Herbie’s right, and I’d imagine there’d be a big pop in the meeting room, too, when that video played. So Sunday night, when I had Bengals coach Zac Taylor on the phone, I asked him about it. He hadn’t seen it yet. But as I described it, he was hardly surprised.

    “No, I think Joe thinks deep down he’s a linebacker,” Taylor told me. “That’s what he thinks. And that’s kinda how he plays sometimes, and sometimes I gotta hold my breath when he plays that way. But that’s just the mentality he has. And he’s the son of a coach. He’s grown up around football, he’s grown up around being tough and then understanding what toughness is, how that can help you as a leader.

    “You don’t always have to just be the most vocal guy yelling and screaming at everybody. You lead through toughness, you lead through knowing what you’re going to do and accomplishing the task that you’re supposed to accomplish. And Joe does that. He’s our linebacker playing quarterback right now, and the team really responds and feeds off of that.”

    We wrote about the culture change that’s happened in Cincinnati this year in the MMQB column—one reason why Taylor said he wasn’t overly concerned with the team’s two losses before its bye metastasizing into more. And having a quarterback like this, obviously, is a big part of that.

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    NFL Research


    Nov 28
    Joe Burrow threw his 10th TD pass of 30+ yards this season when he connected with Tee Higgins for a 32-yard TD

    10 Pass TD's of 30+ yards is most in first 11 games of a season for a QB age 24 or younger since HOF Johnny Unitas in 1957 (also 10 such TD)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bengals1181 View Post

    ha no pun intended

  5. This is coming from a guy that liked Andy Dalton more than most, but I'm constantly amazed by how much he's not Andy Dalton. and how exciting that is

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    The leadership thing is as stark a difference as you can envision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    The leadership thing is as stark a difference as you can envision.
    Andy actually wasn’t a bad leader. But he didn’t have that “it factor” that Joe has, the ice water in his veins, or the competitive fire Joe has.

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    Yeah. Gonna just say agree to disagree on Dalton as a good leader.

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    Yeah. Gonna just say agree to disagree on Dalton as a good leader.
    Compared to his successor, no, compared to his predecessor, yes.

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