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Thread: Why do so many people hate on Morris and the Bucs?

  1. Why do so many people hate on Morris and the Bucs?

    Read any internet article on the Bucs, positive or negative, and what follows is usually a series of blog posts trashing Raheem Morris and the Bucs. Common comments are that Raheem Morris is an idiot, sharing a likeness to "Radio", that the organization is 'floundering' and that they are generally a pitiful football team.

    I am biased, being a Bucs fan. However, I think a team full of rookies, with a rookie head coach cannot be expected to perform like the New England Patriots or the Indianapolis Colts. The way I see it, once the team got settled, they were very competitive and are going into next season with momentum and more experience. Why don't underachieving teams with a lot of veteran talent get more heat like - the Eagles or the Chargers? I think in terms of coaching incompetency, Norv Turner HAS to top the list, but little is made of his inability. What about Josh McDaniels?

    I ask you all, what is your take on the team and what is the source for all of these comments?
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  2. I think Raheem will get there but it was a big step to go from position coach to Head Coach without being a coordinator first. He got that experience last year about half way through the season when took over the defense from Jim Bates. He got back to Monte Kiffens style of defense and gave himself some credibility. They had to improve their DL and they did with Gerald McCoy and Brian Price in the draft. But Rookie QB and Head coach usually doesn't work in this league.

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    They really do miss Monte, but he's now too busy following his son around the college circuit.
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    As someone who follows Premier League (English) soccer, I would say that the Glazers' finances have to be a concern. The family owns both Manchester United and the Bucs, but the backbone of their wealth and cash flow, as I understand it, is commercial real estate. That has not been a prosperous asset class in the last few years, and the family appears to be utilizing Manchester United, at least, to augment their cash flow. ManU is carrying a substantial amount of debt, causing a rise in ticket prices and fan unrest.

    For Tampa Bay, consistent with family financial pressures, it appears that the Glazers are positioning the franchise to be among the lowest-spending in the league. The moves they made, going with an inexpensive first-time head coach and a rookie starting quarterback, support this view. However, it may turn out to be a wise move as it was probably time to rebuild anyway and part ways with aging, expensive veterans like Warrick Dunn, Jeff Garcia, and Derrick Brooks in 2009. Also, the Glazers like many small-market teams, may be waiting to see how the looming lockout plays out before spending big again.

    It's tough to see them competing in the NFC South with New Orleans and Atlanta this year but the Glazers will probably allow Freeman and Morris to grow together, along with some of the young defensive talent. Then they will assess their position when the labor situation is worked out. I say 6-10.

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    I think people hate on Raheem Morris and the Bucs because they went 3-13 last year. I thought Raheem Morris was going to have more success, but he seemed a bit overwhelmed in his first NFL season.

    The Bucs are in rebuilding mode but really have no stars at this point on either side of the ball, and the other three teams in their division are pretty tough.

    Of course, I was unfortunate enough to be in Raymond James Stadium for their first win last season, when they upset my Packers.

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    Do you think he is hated more then Rex? Dude, I am scared to mention his name outside of my house. I feel for ya but try being a JETS fan for a day.

  7. I don't think people "hate" on Morris but is more like a "Who is that?" mentality. The Bucs have shed all their big name players (and coaches) in the last 3 years. I used to be able to name all the Bucs starting I really can't even name one of them. Rebuilding = obscurity in the NFL.

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    People are talking a lot about Morris but what about Olsen? he is really the only fruit from the Gruden tree, and is basically making Xerox copies of Grudens almanac playbook as his own. Now he is the OC (on the cheap, thanks Glazers, after a 3-13 record I'd rather have had Mike Martz) and is basically regurgitating what got Gruden fired, dink and dunk and a cloud of dust.

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    People are quick to criticize something that doesn't need much facts to back it up. The team went 3-13 with a rookie coach. You don't need facts to know that isn't great. But give him time, that's if he gets that time. Hated more then rex? Are you serious? You have "hard knocks" coming to town this year and your team is one of the favorites to take it to the BIG game. This guy has to deal with criticism because like said above..he has that "who is that" title.
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