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    The Post recently had a half-decent rundown of the team's defensive front 4 struggles the last few years:

    Do Green, Banaan, Thomas, McBean, Jamal Williams perform any better than past editions? I'm really interested to see what Jamal Williams does. He's been around forever and definitely WAS a stud, but he seems like the same old player they've signed: a past-his-prime guy that isn't ultimately a difference-maker.

    If they don't stop the run this year, QB drama won't matter

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    I absolutely love Elvis Dumervil and have since he arrived in the league. For a guy listed at 5'11" he plays much bigger than his size. What a motor on that guy. I realize he's an OLB and not a lineman but I wanted to offer up some Elvis love.

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    I believe the D line will perform far better than they have the last few years. And I think our defense as a whole will surprise a lot of people if the line is even a fraction better. We have playmakers that just haven't been able to let loose because of having to step up and stop the run.

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    My only real fear is that they go through and identity crisis early. I imagine Wink will do a great job getting all these guys on the same page, but it's important for these guys to see quite plainly what they do well early in the season so they can have a touchstone of sorts. If we head into the middle part of our schedule and we are still inconsistent against the run and short passes, it will be a long long year.

    to answer the original question, I think that the D-line should perform better. If they can replicate the relative health they enjoyed from last year, they have a chance to be great.

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