By James Rapien Sports Illustrated

Updated June 24, 2022 10:34 AM

The 26-year-old was impressed with Burrow right away

CINCINNATI — Bengals tight end Drew Sample has been teammates with Joe Burrow for the past two seasons. The 26-year-old has spent plenty of time with Burrow at Paul Brown Stadium, but they've also worked out together away from team facilities. It didn't take long for Burrow to leave an impression on Sample.

"Literally from his first day that I met him at Black Sheep [performance], he came in and he just wanted to work, he wanted to get better, he wanted to grind. Just to see the type of mentality he has off the field, in the offseason, in the weight room—not every quarterback has that kinda mindset," Sample told All Bengals.

"People see the end result of him having such an amazing season last year, Comeback Player of the Year, but the work that he had to put in behind the scenes to get to that point, being able to see that in the first person, I have a ton of respect for him, his mindset and his work ethic. And I think that gives guys on our team just the confidence of not only is he a baller, he'll go to bat for you, he works his ass off and he wants to get better every single day."

The Bengals are hoping to get back to the Super Bowl, following a magical run last season. Burrow is 100% healthy, which bodes well for their chances of making another deep playoff run. W

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