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Thread: Joe Burrow could be out longer than expected

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    Joe Burrow could be out longer than expected

    It's been nearly two weeks since Joe Burrow had his appendix removed and in the time since that operation, the Bengals have given zero hints about when their star quarterback might be able to return to the field. However, we might now have some clarity on the situation thanks to Burrow's dad, Jimmy.

    During an interview on the "In the Trenches" podcast hosted by Bengals radio analyst Dave Lapham, the elder Burrow had some interesting things to say about his son's surgery and recovery timeline.

    Here's Jimmy Burrow's take on his son's situation:

    Burrow might not be ready to practice for a few more weeks. After being asked about Joe's surgery, the elder Burrow said it still might be a few weeks before we see Joe back on the field. "It set him back," Jimmy Burrow said of the surgery. "But he seems to be getting better every day, and hopefully, here in a few weeks we'll be back out on the field." It's not clear what a "few" means here, but if it means four weeks, that's not ideal for the Bengals because it means Burrow wouldn't be back on the field until early September. The Bengals opener against the Steelers is on Sept. 11.

    Burrow's dad says Joe had a 'major surgery.' Most of the time, an appendectomy is viewed as a minor operation, but the elder Burrow made it sound like Joe's operation might have been more serious than your normal appendectomy. "There's always a danger and complications for a surgery like that," Jimmy said. "Joe's just got to listen to his doctors and trainers over at the facility and take it easy. He's not one to kind of take it easy, but he's got to and it will be best for the long run if he makes sure he does what he's supposed to."

    Joe's appendix problem came as a total surprise to the family. The Bengals QB underwent surgery on July 27 and apparently, the entire situation was a shocking one for the Burrows. "This one kind of surprised us," Jimmy Burrow said of the surgery. "I had never really been around anybody that had it. It's a painful, not a very fun thing for somebody to have, especially Joe."

    One likely reason why the Bengals haven't announced a return timeline. If the Bengals put a timetable on Burrow's return, Jimmy Burrow admitted that his son would probably try to beat the timetable, which might lead to a setback that could keep him out even longer. "He'll definitely want to push the envelope when he starts feeling better," Jimmy said. "I know he's concerned about being healthy the whole season and knows that a setback here in the next few weeks would put him behind for the season."

    This obviously isn't an ideal situation for the Bengals, but as long as Burrow makes it back healthy by the time Week 1 rolls around, it shouldn't be a big deal. That being said, based on Jimmy Burrow's timeline, it's looking like his son is going to miss all of training camp and all three of Cincinnati's preseason games.

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    Thanks... could see that. Why risk things if he's not 100%? As long as he's getting mental reps, I'm guessing he'll be fine if he gets a week or two of practice in.

    The offense is the same, same personnel by and large. It's almost 5 weeks away 'til the regular season. He's got time.

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    This interview was before Burrow showed up to practice without the golf cart yesterday and was jogging around a bit. They will still probably play it safe wit him, but Joe's actions don't seem to be lining up with his dad's words.

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    Burrow remains the only starting QB in the NFL who has never had a normal preseason. In 2020 there were very strict covid protocols in place that seriously hampered every QB in the league in terms of preparation. Last season it was all of the precautions in place as he recovered from a devastating knee injury. Now this year it is a severe appendix surgery that has left him rolling around in a golf cart during training camp.

    I just hate that Burrow always has these really tough obstacles to overcome in July and August. Maybe next year he will finally catch a break...knock on wood.

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    I had a ruptured appendix and the appendectomy for that operation isn't a little slit down by your hip, it's a vertical cut right up the stomach, past the belly button. They need to make a big incision to clean out the whole abdominal cavity. The point is, it's a doozy for your core - and it portends future hernia's as well (I've had one on each side since).

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    you are assuming his appendix ruptured

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    Quote Originally Posted by membengal View Post
    you are assuming his appendix ruptured
    Just saying that when there are complications from an appendix, that's usually the complication. It can get worse, because it's attached to the intestine (ileo-cecum, I think?), but that's usually the main complication. Speaking of having to have an IV, I later got an infection of the oleo-cecum in Turkey, and the doctors told me I was having an appendicitis, which was funny because mine was gone. Anyway, I ended up having an abscess there that looked like an appendix but (here's the point) I spent 1 month on an IV.


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