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Thread: Booyah! We signed Orlando Brown

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    Aaron Wilson

    #Bengals Orlando Brown Jr. deal three years, $64.092 million, $31.1 million guaranteed, salaries $1.5M, $4.5M, $6.4M, $13.1M; $31.1M 5th day 2023 lg yr roster bonus, $3M 5th day 2024 lg yr roster bonus, $44K annual per game active roster bonus; $375K annual workout bonus @KPRC2

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    $31.1M listed as a roster bonus, which, if fully guaranteed at signing, is proratable like a signing bonus.

    Based on these reported numbers, and assuming no automatic void year was added, Orlando Brown's 2023 Cap Hit = $10,398,000 (Cash Spend = $33,723,000).

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    Based on these reported numbers, & assuming the fully GRTD $31.1M 2023 Roster Bonus is proratable, here are the annual Cap Hits & Cash Spends:

    Cap $10.398M
    Cash $33.723M

    Cap $16.398M
    Cash $8.623M

    Cap $15.298M
    Cash $7.523M

    Cap $21.988M
    Cash $14.223M

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    Jason @

    So the Orlando Brown contract did not have the #Bengals move off their guarantee structure as originally reported though clearly the virtual guarantee in the contract is much larger than the $31.1 million to sign

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    Contrary to initial reports, then, only the pro-rated roster bonus (not sure why it's a roster bonus instead of a signing bonus) is guaranteed for Orlando Brown, with no "full" guarantees after year one. But he's gonna see at least 3 years of that contract due to the structure.

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    Jason is correct here.

    Several national reporters tweeted specific % of contract they claimed to be fully GTRD at signing, but as Jason points out, the $31.1M 2023 Roster Bonus is the only fully GRTD amount

    So, Bengals preserve preferred structure of not GRTD amounts in yr-2

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    Is this even better for us? Those cap numbers sure get big…

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    Quote Originally Posted by dex View Post
    In that scenario then one of them is a disgruntled guard. I just when the dust settles one stays and one goes.

    I sometimes wonder if Cincinnati could possibly trade Williams to the Jets for a late round draft choice. They need an experienced LT (tried to get Brown themselves) but Rodgers salary really pushes their salary cap.
    As previously noted, Pollack says Williams will move to RT. Who knows if or when a 30-yr old Collins would return from a late season ACL tear. Collins has played guard before and may be willing to do so again especially in the early stages of recovery from his ACL. Quite honestly, it may be mid to late season before he’s ready to return.
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    Mike Petraglia
    Orlando Brown Jr. expected to arrive in Cincy today and sign with Bengals today, meet with media.

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    Brown officially signed.


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