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Thread: Vikings LB questions

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    Vikings LB questions

    Great time to be a Vikes fan, this is the best and most balanced team we have had in 30 years.
    But, there are areas of need as well. Backup QB has been addressed in a separate post, which leaves LB, RG/C, and Safety as my biggest concerns.

    LB - Specifically Ben and EJ.

    Leber, who seems to be a great guy and has been a great player for us, looked very slow at the end of last year. Is it just me or did he lose a big step about midway through last year. I really noticed it when EJ went down. Too compound my worries, I keep hearing that the LB's in a cover 2 need to be extra fast.

    EJ is just a big question mark, great player, but can he come back from that horrific injury? If not Jasper Brinkley may be able to fill that position, but it would take time and this is a win now team.

    Anyone see something different with Leber? Or will the return of EJ put Leber into a better position where he is not so exposed?

    I am also very interested in what non-Vikings fans see as areas of need on the team, as a homer I often overrate some players while underrating others.

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    I have to believe that EJ is not going to be back to the level he was last season, at least not early in the year. When I saw that injury, I thought "see you in 2011, if EVER." He claims he'll be healed up but I have to believe his leg strength and conditioning will have suffered. And even though he finally started playing well last year, there have always been questions about the consistency of his play. I guess I didn't notice anything different about Leber toward the end of the year, but he is 31 now, so it's possible he could be losing half a step.

    I do have some concern about the secondary. I know they played well at the end of the year last year, but Winfield is getting old and there's the injury concerns with him as well. They brought in Lito Sheppard, another veteran guy, but I think they are hoping for the rookie Cook to be a solid contributor in the secondary. Cedric has developed into a great corner, but don't get me started on Bennie Sapp...

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    Non-Viking fan here! EJ could be an all pro behind the Williams Wall if he was a little quicker, or maybe more healthy. Might just be me, but Leber has always seemed to me like just a guy. Reminds me of Scott Fujita or Nial Diggs, good, but you'd always like to find somebody a little bit better. Jasper did a great job filling in, considering, but with game film on him other teams may expose him in his sophmore season. Couple of things that worrly me about the Vikes.......the O line first and foremost. Peppers tore them up, the Saints got a lot of penetration, and the run game flagged down the stretch. True, AP got his yards against the Saints, but I think that had something to do with them not keying on him like teams did all season. They went after Favre instead, and I think you'll see more of that this year. And the secondary is weak. Corners are average, with Winfield seemingly on the back side of his effectiveness, and the safeties are poor. Oh yeah, and Lito Shepherd doesn't scare anybody. The Vikings will again count on a pass rush to protect these guys, and they have the horses to do it. Lastly is the failure of AP to develop into a three down back, and the loss of Chester Taylor. Never figured out how you could call a guy that is pulled on third down "All Day". Taylor to the Bears is a blow, his blocking and ability in short yardage, where he always managed to get it done, will be sorely missed. They might bring in Brian Westbrook, but it's uncertain if he can stay on the field anymore.
    That said, the Vikings are still a very good team, even without Favre, but I think after this year they're going to have to start thinking about the future.

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