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Thread: FPL 3 Report!

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    FPL 3 Report!

    Well its the last week of the regular season for the FPL 3 League. Boston Massacre- led by a strong rushing attack of Chris Johnson, Arian Foster, and Steven Jackson, along with the Blind Ninjas- led by Aaron Rodgers, the injured Frank Gore, and Calvin Johnson, as well as some nice waiver wire pickups have both clinched the top spot in their respective divisions.

    The Fightin AJ Hawks and Fried Chicken Dinner both still have a shot at the playoffs in the East, while Sapping the Real McCoy, Team Skippy, and the Mexican Sombreros all have a shot in the West. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone for a great year, as it has run smoothly without any problems. Everyone has continued to keep rosters updated and made the league very fun. Thanks again.

    On a personal level, not drafting absolutely screwed me up. I had MJD, but Ryan Grant got hurt. Luckily I picked up Mike Vick but overall the season was a bust as I lacked production in my RB2 slot as well as my receivers.
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    How a team got both CJ and Jackson is beyond me. Jackson was first round talent. Foster went under the radar so that's reasonable.
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    Well thats why it sucked to miss the draft- it was an auction draft and he got CJ for 58 dolla and Jackson 46 dolla
    [B][I]"You tried your best, and you failed miserably. The lesson is never try."- Homer Simpson[/I][/B]

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    Yeah, that would suck. Playoff positioning is pretty much set in our league to, down to 2 teams battling for the final spot. A few spots can be shaken up in the top 5, but really is about set.
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