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Thread: Race to 10 Still On?

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    Race to 10 Still On?

    Bucs for the first time all season have lost 2 in row. Two key veterans and leaders on the team in Jeff Faine and Aqib Talib to were lost to Injured Reserve. The game vs Atlanta say the Bucs squander a 10 point lead at home in a must win situation, heck it even took me as just a fan two days to completely get over it. Bascially statistically the youngest team in the NFL is facing it most adverse situation how do they respond and is the Race to 10 Still On?

    With games vs ,Redskins,Lions,Sea hawks Saints left statiscially it is possible to still get 10 wins this year ( tiebreakers scenarios too convoluted for Bucs to get a playoff spot without winning out) Does this Tampa Bay Squad show the same resiliency they have all season is coming back from tough losses or have they hit that wall and we just remark on how much an improvement this year was and hope this off-season the pieces grow more and show same promise against what will be an easily harder schedule
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    I think we do get to 10 even with all the injuries. Like you said I don't think we get into the playoffs with only 10 wins. Even if we only make it to 8 or 9 it still is a great season after last year and a real stepping stone. I had posted something about this early in the year that the Bucs were doing it the right way with drafting well and saving money now to be able to pay these young guys in a few years when their contracts are up. Something special is happening in Tampa. I think we have found a franchise qb and now we just have to continue to build around and find the right pieces. It's a great time to be a Bucs fan even if the playoffs aren't gonna happen this year. So yeah I think the race to 10 is still on and who knows maybe 10 gets us in, maybe we win out, You never know in the NFL.

    Funny how it seems the NFC really swung around. I remember back in week 5 when everyone was talking about how the AFC was awesome, the NFC was garbage and now we are looking at a situation where a 10 win team is not gonna make the playoffs. Each conference has a bad division but I would counter the AFC top teams (Pats, Jets, Steelers, Ravens, Chiefs, Jags) with the NFC top teams (Falcons, Saints, Packers, Eagles, Giants, Bears, Bucs) any day. It just goes to show you how the season has a way of smoothing it's way out.
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