Posted in Jets/Bears game thread, but figured I should shed more light on Tice and the O-Line haha:

Rarely do I feel bad for the rest of the country if they don't get to watch a Bears game locally, but this really was a good game. Bears fought back. I know "Offensive Line Coach of the Year" probably isn't an award, but Mike Tice deserves a lot of credit, a raise, a contract extension, and everything else. He admitted early in the year it would take some time for them to mold. After the Giants game we had little faith, but he has gotten them to not only be credible, but last night they were GREAT...the Jets throw a lot of blitz packages at people, and I think the Bears line only missed 2, one leading to a sack, and one leading to Jay rolling out of the pocket and I believe throwing a 5 yard completion. Give the O-Line and Tice a BUNCH of kudos!