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Thread: Who is the Number 1 receiver?

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    Who is the Number 1 receiver?

    If anyone says Michael Clayton, poo to you.

    Are we seriously going to start at least one rookie, maybe two, with a second year quarterback?

    Colinsworth was opining about why TO isn't signed. I know the Bucs are allergic to old players at the moment, but I'd rather see TO as my number 1 or 2 than Benn and Williams. Or Stovall. Christ, a special teams ace as a number 2?

    And I am no TO fan mind you, but name one receiver we can sign on a 1 year deal who is an immediate upgrade? And, to appease the Glazers, might sell a few tickets and jerseys?

    I'd take a flip flopping Derrick Mason at this point.

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    Unfortunately our top WR are mediocre or unproven at best. That means the RB's and Winslow are going to have to pick up a lot of slack. And that's not a good thing looking at all those guys history of staying healthy or the fact we have a second year QB still trying to find his way. Not a big fan on bringing in either of those guys in to take reps away from the young guys since we won't be competing this year anyway, but I see your point in getting some proven players to aid the development of Freeman. I'd like for us to go out and maybe trade with Indy for Anthony Gonzalez. He was hurt last year and the Colts proved they can live without him. He's not a field stretcher but he's young and could develop some good chemistry with Freeman for the future as well as help today.

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    In a dream world the Bucs would trade for someone but I think we all know its not happening. I'm fairly certain the group we have will start the season. Benn, Williams, Straughter and the seemingly-forgotten Reggie Brown will be the core four. I actually have hopes Brown can return to the form he had early in his career in Philly and is a good low-risk move. I'm pretty sure Clayton will be gone after the final cuts; slim possibility he stays for his special teams skills. I imagine the Bucs keeping Spurlock instead of Clayton, as Spurlock can push Clifton Smith at returning kicks and fill in quite well if Smith gets concussed again.

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    I think Bucs start out with Brown and Williams as the Starting WR, with Stroughter in the slot and eventually work Benn in to take over Brown's starting spot.. of course I also think Benn wouldn't shine till Bucs get pads on since he is a such a run after the catch receiver.Either way with a young team, preason might actually be fun to watch this year looking for the competition battles.

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