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Thread: Playoff hopes to rest on the shoulders of one Trent Edwards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swami View Post
    Can't wait for the "I just ran the plays the coaches called" answers to the "why'd you check down every freaking play" questions from the soon-to-be flabbergasted Jacksonville press. They should divide time of possession into its components. If "Time ball held by the QB while eschewing down-field options or staring holes through his targets " was one, Edwards would be the all-time leader.

    I've grown to like Steve Tasker's color work, and he nailed it one game last year, saying "Trent Edwards likes to throw the ball to guys who are standing still looking at him." Not exactly the highest of praise.

    I award you the Vanier Cup in honour of your astute and succinct summarization of the career of Trent Edwards.

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    Wow, talk about irony.

    Last year, Rex and the Jets made the playoffs cause the Colts laid down for them.

    This year, Peyton and the Colts will make it because they either need to beat the only team in the NFL who went home for the season on Thanksgiving *or* have Trent Edwards win a game.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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