I had a lot of hope for the Angelo Crowell signing last year, and even this year. But I guess his body is giving up. He could've been perfect in our system if healthy and at full speed.

So its Quincy Black, Geno Hayes, and Barrett Rudd. Hmm.

Is Rudd overrated? Somehow he tops 200 tackles every year, but the tackles seem to be drag downs, not stuffs. As a layman, I'd say his run stopping is mediocre at best, but pass defense top notch for the scheme. If Price and McCoy can plug the middle, he might stop a few more runs, thats left to see.

Hayes has flashed, I loved him as a 6th round risk pick, background issues that kept him from going higher. Had a year under Derrick Brooks for mentoring. i have a feeling he might stick if he keeps his nose clean (figuratively and literally)

Black? Juries out in my opinion. Flashes at times but disappears at times. he's a bit raw for a cover 2 linebacker, if this was a direct attack or in blitz situations he would possibly be great. But since he's undersized, he's pegged as cover 2.

So those are my calls. What do you guys think?