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Thread: Jets-Pats Live Diary.

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    Jets-Pats Live Diary.

    I stole the idea from Simmons. The game didn't end the way I hoped it would and all I have to say to that is: Go NFC!!!!

    First Quarter:

    4:32 CBS shows suckiness. While the TV is showing live intros of the Pats, we have to listen to the studio crew babble.

    4:37 Welker benched for the start of the game, from the foot comments. Typical BB move.

    4:41 Cromarie returns the opening kickoff for 27.

    4:44 Jets get one first down before punting. They don't look nervous yet. Welker on the return. Faircatch at the 15.

    4:47 Woodhead for 19 to lead the game! End around to Tate for 12. Revis breaks up a pass to Branch, then Gronk gets 6. Gronk for 9 more. Woodhead for 7. Green Ellis for 3. David Harris picked Brady and returned to the 13. Crumpler saves the TD. Welker was out for this whole series.

    4:55 3 plays, 1 net yard. Jets miss a 30 yarder. Take that!

    4:57 Brady sacked. Getting all the bad plays over with at once. Green Ellis for 7, and a face mask on the Jets vs David Harris. First down. Green Ellis for 2. First down to Welker. Back to back runs for Woodhead and Green Ellis for a first down. Brady to Crumpler for 28. Woodhead for 5, then incomplete in the end zone to Crumpler. Brady sacked again. Ellis again. We make a 34 yarder. 3-0 Pats.

    5:08 Cromartie with another great kickoff return. They start at thier 40.

    5:10 Jets get a first down as the quarter ends.

    3-0 Pats at the end of the first.

    Second Quarter:

    5:15 Ineffective offense for the Jets, including a miss deep to Keller. Punt time. Touchback.

    5:20 3 and out, a sack from Coleman being the key play. We punt. Good field position for them.

    5:24 They start with a false start. They make a huge play on 3rd down to Stonehands. It was a great catch.

    5:26 First and Goal: LdT TD on second down, 7-3 Jets

    5:30 Woodhead loses 2, then Crumpler gets a catch for 10. Miss to Gronk leads to another punt. We need to go back to hurry up with formartion shifts. 45 yard punt, they start at the 20. Illgeal Touch on us and we rekick. On the rekick, same distance, so they get it at the 25 or so.

    5:36 Wildcat fumble for LdT! They recover. They get saved on 3rd down by DPI on Sanders. Bad call, it was within 5, so it was legal contact. They squeak out one more first down. We lose a challenge on a close Holmes catch, but Levy's crew had it right. Three plays later they punt. Touchback.

    5:47 Green Ellis catch for 7. Woodhead squirms for 2, 3rd and 1. The spot was bad, but Brady sneaks for the 1st. Green Ellis catch for 4.

    5:49 Two minute warning.

    5:52 Danny for 3, then incomplete to an unready Gronk. Tom threw much too soon. Fake punt snap dropped by Chung. Jet ball. The fake punt was a suprising decision, and Chung messed up.

    5:54 Jets get great field position and get a drive going. Stonehands manages, somehow, to get a TD. 14-3 Jets.

    5:59 Week 20 and CBS can't do kickoff coverage. Why??? Tate gets a good return. Incomplete to Branch, thanks to Revis. Woodhead gets 3, and then Mankins gets called for a personal foul. Tick tack call, then we kneel and stupid fans boo. Booing your team after a 14-2 year is just tacky.

    Jets 14-3 at the half.

    Third Quarter:

    6:16 We get the kickoff. Tate takes it to the 25. Edelman for 12, hopefully this is a good sign. Green Ellis for 8, then Danny for 1 and a half, 3rd and inches. Slow run gets stuffed, bad play call. Great punt, and almost downed. Touchback.

    6:21 Jets put together a mini drive, they get one first down and we get a stop. Punt for them.

    6:28 We get it at the 20. Time for a drive, please. Green Ellis for 2, Edelman on a toss sweep for 10 and a first down. Jayson Taylor hurt on the play. Brady deeep to Tate and just miss. Brady strip sacked, but we recover. Hernandez for 4 on 3rd and 22. Punt.

    6:35 Jets ball. They get a drive going, but we stop them. Punt out of bounds at the 20

    6:42 Brady to Gronk for 38. Great play. Let's get points! Danny for 1. Incomplete to Woodhead. Brady to Branch for 11. Great play and first down! Branch again for 16. Let's go!! Jets timeout. False start on Light - sigh. 1st and 15. Green Ellis for 10! Welker for 7, 1st and goal!!

    6:51 Brady to Crumpler!! 14-9 and we go for 2. Sammy Morris for 2!!! 14-11

    6:54 Jet ball at the 20. 4 yard play, and then onto the 4th.

    4th quarter: Game time.

    6:57 Huge play to Cotchery . 58 yards. TD Holmes 3 plays later. I f'ing hate Holmes. 21-11 Jets.

    7:03. Tate returns it to the 18. We need 7 on this drive then a stop. I miss Randy. Danny for 4, Danny fumble, Mankins recovers, 3rd and short. Brady to Welker for 8. First down. Brady inc to Crumpler, who was held - no flag!!! Amazing, cause it was soo clear. Danny for 5, 3rd and 5, Branch for 7. First down. Green Ellis for 3, we're at the 50. We need to pick the pace up. 9 to play. Danny for 8, first down! Danny for 7, False start Branch, 2nd and 8, Wes for 9, first down! Woodhead for none, Brady sacked for -4, incomplete. 4th and 13 - game here. Revis out for at least one play. Branch drops it! NOOOOO! Too much time, for no points. Andy Reid was running us on that drive.

    7:18 Jets ball. 3 and out. Time for alacrity.

    7:22 Edelman to the Jet 41! Fast strike offense, come on! Welker for 9, then Danny for 4. Bart Scott down. Or is he faking? Jets would do that. Gronk for 12. And Scott is back. Miss to Branch, clock stops. Incomplete to Danny. Welker for 0. Time for the FG. We make it. 21-14. Crunch time. Bloop onsides kick??

    7:33 Worst onside kick ever!! Game. Season.

    7:34 Jets should be kneeling. Jets score a TD and then taunt. What a classy team the Jets are.

    7:38 Tate to the 40. Danny to the 50. Brady to Welker for 13, Danny to the 23. Incomplete to Branch. Brach to the 12. Welker drops a TD. TD Branch.

    7:43 Onsides kick for the season: Same exact stupid kick.

    Jets 28-21.

    14-3 in a rebuilding year. I can live with that, but I wish we'd lost to the Ravens or the Colts.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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    America, this is your next great Play by Play announcer

    After reading that diary we really need to get Amy on Play by Play.. i'm thinking 3 man booth like MNF.. Clem=Gruden, Kaba=Jaws, Amy=Tricio except i wouldn't mute them half-way through the 3rd at times
    FPL: 15 comments can save you 15 minutes or more of embarrassing yourself on a bar discussion

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    2:56: Bart Scott has to be helped off the field. Patriots fans cheer.
    Amy - the Pats wouldn't have lost to the Colts or the Ravens this year.

    I shudder to think of how good this team will be after the next draft.

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    Amy you're brilliant as well as funny as heck! I so needed a after this debacle! But as you said 14-3 in a rebuilding season also including Pruitts comment about the draft, I'm already looking forward to next season! Brilliant!

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    Amy that was really good.

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    Girl's got game.
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaderM View Post
    WTF man? I thought we were friends?

    That was awesome Amy. I demand that you do that for each Pats game next year.

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    Despite the outcome for you Amy, that was Cool! Love seeing you take the time to map it out well. Some media folks I believe do it like that too. Yeah, there were some missed opportunities out there. Branch dropping the ball was not Cool and Brady needed his O-Line more than he had.

    Pats still had an Awesome year but every season ends differently.
    "This Game is Not For the Faint of Heart" --Bill Parcells

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    Thanks for all the love. I think I need to get better, I kinda shafted the Jets on drives a bit. But, for a first one, it was decent I think.
    "False Start everyone but the center." Gene Steretore. Pats vs Jets. 12/24/16.

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