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Is OC the only change Marvin wanted to make. I would say no. Mike Brown still has two coaches that have been w/ the team for a combinded four decades plus. I would be willing to bet that MB made some type of "deal" w/ Marvin only allowing him to get rid of BB. Coaches want to put together their own "team" which produces cohesiveness instead of dealing w/ coaches that you only know from words of others and then have that period of trying to get to know a coach that you didn't even want on your staff. With that said, how many games do you think Marvin went home steaming because of some coaches call and that coach being one that ML never wanted in the first place? Can you say "grudge"
The football aspect of the Bengals is last on MB's list. First is the financial gain. Second is his retirement net worth. Third is getting his stadium and its improvements paid by the county and its taxpayers. Fourth is how much money is left. Then comes the draft, who's good but cheap!

its always funny how active an imagination some fans have.

As far as more changes go, yesterday both team doctors (think Antonio Bryant) stepped down from their positions.