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Thread: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

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    Open Mouth, Insert Foot

    "Biggest blowout since Andy Reid vs. Skinny jeans" - Colts01

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    I strongly suggest that Zack Follett shut his piehole and get back to work rehabing from what many consider a career-ending neck injury.
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    I feel him.

    But he doesn't feel himself.

    I like how he slipped in that he didn't masturbate last night.

    Get thee behind me Satan! You too, pr0n.

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    So, feeling sexual desire is Satan's work?

    So if it wasn't for Satan, none of us would be here?

    I'm confused - I'm either going to open the old testament or troll for porn.

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    I was going to make a Rex Ryan joke here till I saw Follett's interview.
    Funny stuff. The devil made me do it.
    Whatever happened to "Jeez, did I say that? Wow, stupid! Sorry, brain fart."
    I do it all the time.

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    I would say the difference between Satan and a bad interview is a bit bigger than this guy seems to believe. He seems like a bit of a toolbox. Rule #1 of a successful NFL career: If you aren't a ProBowler, don't bash the franchise QB. Rule #2 of a successful NFL career: If you haven't JUST signed your 2nd contract, don't bash the franchise QB. Rule #3 of a successful NFL career: When you "open mouth, insert foot", don't keep talking about it!!! Shut your mouth.
    "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain

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