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Thread: Des Moines Blaze, Relocation of an NFL Franchise.

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    I think you've created a new genre, NFL fan fiction.
    Well I would like to see more created and get a sense of ones creativity.

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    Trading OchoCinco!

    "I've been quite since hiring Eric as our General Manager but I told him that this announcement was all mine because it is my decision 100% to rid ourselves of the ego maniac who rather challenge our coach to a cage fight, tweet every little move he makes and work on a second rate television show rather then come in here and begin the hard work it will take to better this franchise!

    I am actively shopping Chad OchoCinco, Chad Johnson or Chad Whoever He Decides to be Next myself. This individual will not be a member of the Cincinnati Bengals next year nor will he ever be a member of the Des Moines Blaze. A statement needed to be made within this franchise and I can not accept his behavior or attitude. I will not allow him to be a cancer to our younger players and they need to know that this will not be the same old Bengals where running your mouth and not producing will be accepted.

    We have attempted to reach out to his camp numerous times and all we get is the run around. He publicly stated that he wanted to play for other organizations and coaches so I will do my best to make sure he gets his wish. Any questions at this moment?" Owner, Luis Batista

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    Bengals Sign Six Free Agents.

    "We are pleased to introduce QB-Ryan Fitzpatrick, LOLB-Chase Blackburn, ROLB-Zak DeOssie, K-Garrett Hartley, SS-Jarrod Page and WR-Mario Manningham to our fans. These men understand what will be in store for them this year and beyond, this is the beginning of a change for this organization and we are excited in what these gentlemen will bring to our team on and off the field.

    Fitzpatrick agreed to a five year deal worth $12.14 million with a signing bonus of $2 million. Blackburn signed a six year deal worth $6.7 million and a signing bonus of $660,000. DeOssie agreed to a six year deal worth $7.44 million with a signing bonus of $2.94 million. Hartley signed a five year deal worth $7.25 million with a signing bonus of $2.15 million. Page agreed to a six year deal worth $33.54 million and a signing bonus of $12.6 million. Manningham signed a six year deal worth $34.92 million with a signing bonus of $11.92 million.

    We are thrilled with these signings, Ryan Fitzpatrick gives us a solid backup to Carson Palmer and a proven leader who can come in and play well if needed. Blackburn and DeOssie will greatly improve our special teams unit as well as serve as experienced reserves as linebackers. The addition of Hartley was another gift for Special Teams Coordinator, Steve Hoffman who approached me and insisted we go after this talented kicker who has kicked some huge field goals for his past teams. Page will step right into our lineup as our starting strong safety and we look forward to his leadership on the field for our secondary. Manningham provides us with that young, athletic and talented down the field deep threat that we felt we needed to make our offense better. I have more work to get done so allow me to do just that as I excuse myself but these gentlemen are available for all your questions." G.M. Eric DeCosta

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