Kurt Warner is gone. Alan Faneca and Joey Porter are going to bring some of that Steelers attitude to the desert, but how much do they have left. Matt Leinart is going to need a running game. I see more and more use of the Steelers multiple TE sets in Whisenhunt's offense. Running back Beanie Wells is a physical presence, with a nasty stiff-arm. Can the Cardinals OL run block well enough to make this happen? Steelers football in Red? It could happen this year.

Very interesting year in NFC West. Cardinals in one off-season lose Kurt Warner, Karlos Dansby, Antrel Rolle, and Anquan Bolden. By my standards they were four of the best 10 players on this team. Kurt Warner probably made the Hall of Fame with his contribution to the Cardinals. Key question, how much of this team's success was directly attributable to Kurt Warner? Would they have made the playoffs without him?