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Thread: Who'll rush the passer?

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    Who'll rush the passer?

    Jags were dead last in the NFL with 14 sacks last year. DT John Henderson, who led the team with 3, is gone. '08 1st round pick Derrick Harvey has 5.5 sacks in 2 years and is bordering on bust status. So who'll get to the quarterback?

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    From what I've heard the third year for a Defensive Lineman is do or die time. If Harvey fails to produce this year then the bust status can be applied, but this is his last year to prove them wrong. I admit I don't know much about Alualu, when his name was called I froze for a minute. What I do know is that he's a quick, athletic big man who maintains leverage and creates penetration. Terrance Knighton is a huge man with a lot of lower body weight. He would be a great nose tackle but in this system he not only constantly requires two blockers but is excellent in run support. Knighton's biggest issue is his weight management and conditioning, if he cannot keep that under control, then he won't be an impact player. Kampman is a tricky signing, and all the Jaguars fans still have the bad taste of the Jerry Porter free agency fiasco. Gene Smith had nothing to do with that previous signing, this is the first big-time acquisition via free agency for him. The biggest thing to remember is last season was a fluke, Kampman was not only injured but also was forced to switch from a DE to a pass rushing LB.

    The starting lineup (by my standards) looks to be: Harvey, Knighton, Alualu, Kampman.

    Harvey very well might not make the starting lineup, and could be succeeded by rookie Austen Lane.

  3. How I see the Jags DL shaking out

    Gene Smith, contrary to what many draft pundits may think, has a solid handle on how to build a football team. He made his bones as a scout and has never been one to seek the limelight, though he clearly isn't afraid to defend his picks when challenged. Given the high level of productivity that he got out of last year's draft class, I have to believe that we'll get at least some improvement out of the defensive line.

    Knighton's weight issues are cause for concern, but when he is on his game he is more than a capable starter. As for Kampman, I think most people's expectations are a bit tempered given the teams lack of success in bringing in FAs to help with the pass rush in the past (Paging Mr. Paup and Mr. Douglas). Derrick Harvey has turned out to be a different type of DE than what many had projected. He's played heavier in his first two seasons in an attempt to not get tossed around, but it hurt his burst and he's been little more than a run stopping end. He's lost some of that weight this off season and the new D-Line Coach Cullen has had decent things to say about him thus far this off season. Not that I'm complaining that the Jaguars were able to pick him up, I firmly believe that had Alualu consistently played DT in a 4-3 system, he'd have had more hype going into the draft. I think he'll pan out. All-Pro? Maybe not. But I do think that he'll be a capable starter at least. As for Austen Lane, the rest of the DL picks and the undrafted FA who's making some waves, I think the team has some developmental players who'll get playing time (much like the WRs last year). Young hungry depth that will be working their tails off for snaps.

    Another major factor in the "sack" count is who the team will be playing this year.

    Denver-if it's Tebow under center, they will throw everything but the kitchen sink at him in terms of blitz packages. They MUST sack him.

    San Diego-could depend on how much time Marcus McNeil misses, and whether LT was right about the line not being as good of late

    Philly-Significant uncertainty with Kolb & McCoy replacing McNabb and Westbrook,

    Indy x2-We'll see if the SB was an off game or if the line really is in decline. Given the poor performance of the DL last year, its possible that nominal improvement could provide significant dividends against Peyton & Co.

    Buffalo-They haven't taken significant action to improve either their situation at QB or along the o-line. If the DL doesn't perform here then there are serious problems.

    Tenn x2- CJ2K makes Vince Young's job a lot easier and its hard to pin your ears back against an offense like this (dump it to CJ2k and watch him run)

    KC- Nominal OL and average at best QB. Another game that "should" favor the Jags DL

    Dallas-depends which Cowboys team wants to show up to work that day.

    Houston- Matt Schaub takes too many hits and likes lobbing it medium to deep range to Andre Johnson, there should be opportunities here given the lack of a threatening run game.

    Cleveland-Shouldn't expect too much out of Kampman against Joe Thomas, but the interior line should be vulnerable to the rebuilt interior DL.

    NYG-No real clue

    Raiders-Depends which Raiders team turns up.

    Colts x2- Kampman should be at full strength by then, Alualu should be a bit more seasoned, and Knighton should have played himself into shape by mid season.

    Redskins-New QB, new blocking scheme, same crummy WRs and aging RBs. By this point in the season those skill players will likely be banged up, though the OL should be accustomed to the offensive scheme.

    Houston x2-I would hope that a playoff berth would be at stake at this point for at least one of these two teams so I would imagine the DL would be cranking it up to 11 on the scale of 10 for this game.

    Final prediction-25-35 sacks with the starting DL contributing 20 or so and the rest coming from backups, LBs, and the rare but entertaining DB sack.
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    Well I'm gonna go ahead and say D. Harvey will have his break out season this year which is a big if considering we dont even kno how much playing time he will get

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    Harvey. Kampman will attract a lot of attention, Alualu will help inside, how will they do against the run is my question

  6. Terrance Knighton is a solid run-plugging DT, and the adjustments to the LB corps should help as well. Installing Morrison in the middle and shifting Daryl Smith outside should give them better lateral range in run defense. Ingram wasn't getting it done and Smith's talents are better utilized on the outside since he can cover. Morrison should do fine in the middle behind Knighton and Alualu. The other LB spot should be interesting. Justin Durant has potential and should win the job, but Russell Allen will push him for that job. Overall, i think the front 7 is vastly improved from last year, and at the very least they won't get pushed around as much as last year.

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