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Thread: Lovie Gets Two-Year Extension

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    Lovie Gets Two-Year Extension

    Well. Just preparing everyone for the fact that now they can read a full two extra years of my "Lovie Mediocrity" rants. I feel a strong urge to re-hash my Lovie is merely an empty pita rant from a month ago. I am now preparing myself for Dante Culpepper to be signed to a one-year deal, being promoted to #2 while a decent aback-up sits at #3 during a very important playoff game that has not happened for three quarters of a century. Wait, that already happened.
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    Sadly, I guess it's deserved...kinda...I wish he would put on a full uniform and just sit on the bench and coach from there, that way I could just pretend like we don't have a coach, which in reality is pretty similar
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    I wish it would have been just a 1-year extension, so he wouldn't get a free pass if the upcoming year is a bust. Hiring another head coach wouldn't have helped much. The person I think that should really be on the hot seat is Angelo. For how long haven't we had a true WR? And our o-line hasn't been the same since that SB season.
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    I think the small extension is due. The year went Good but I understand disappointing as well. My gut check says the Bears will be 9-7 with a Wildcard berth battle with the Lions. Lovie may have underchieved a bit last year, but the NFC Championship Game does mean somethin'.
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