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Thread: Chris? Can you help?

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    Chris? Can you help?

    We have over 1100 members now and it keeps growing. Which means obviously fans are against the lockout. The pessimists feel there is nothing we can do, so why bother. I refuse to believe that. We just need to know WHAT we can do. Help me out. I'll do all of the leg work. I've recruited everyone from Justin Bieber\Lil Wayne to Barack Obama and Elvis. I go on NFL radio 4 times a week. I know if I can get this story to go national that membership would boom and heat would be generated.

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    The players don't get paid if there is a lockout correct?
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    Here's what I don't understand. Won't the players lose game cecks if there is a lockout? You'd think they would want all the help they could get. No wonder the owners are going to lock them out. They don't even have enough sense to see the fans are trying to help THEM!

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