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Thread: What in the world will the Bengals do at QB?

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    What in the world will the Bengals do at QB?

    None of these QB's seem worthy of the #4 pick. I don't want to see a rookie qb get swallowed up vs Pitt and Baltimore. I just have no clue who will be the Bengals starter whenever football starts.

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    4 don't like Dan LeFevour?

    In all seriousness, this Palmer/Bengals rift is getting wider by the day it seems. I thought at first it was all just bravado on Palmer's part, but as reports keep coming out that he's adamant about not playing for the Bengals anymore, including his statement that he has $80 million in the bank and doesn't need the money gets harder to believe that he'll ever put on a Bengals uniform again. I would ASSUME that if Palmer is traded, the Bengals would attempt to sign a veteran FA such as Marc Bulger or even Drew Stanton if they're backed into a corner. I would also ASSUME that they draft a QB somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round, with their relatively high draft slot they could be in line to even acquire Ryan Mallett. If not him then Andy Dalton could also be a viable option. Then of course, I believe they repeat the same process they did with Palmer where they let the rookie sit on the bench for a year to learn from a veteran before handing him the keys in his sophomore season.

    Again, I'm not an expert and have no inside knowledge, this is all just guesswork.
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    The darkest days of a franchise full of dark days has to be the mid to late 90s when our beloved Bengals were led by either a jouneyman (Neil O'Donnel, Scott Mitchell, Gus Frerotte, Jon Kitna) or a draft disaster (David Klingler, Akili Smith). Get ready for a return to the 90s. Does anyone have Paul Justin's phone number?

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    How about Don Hollas wasn't he a Bengal QB.

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