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Thread: 2010 schedule

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    I agree, I was a bit surprised that the Steelers were not willing to give Dixon a chance to start those 4-6 games. Since the Steelers will (hopefully) be focusing on the run, Dixon would not have to put the whole team's offense on his shoulders. Leftwich will probably do OK as a starter in a run-oriented offense, but I think the Steelers are losing a chance to help develop Dixon as a starting QB. Dixon is not happy about it either, according to his agent's comments (though it would probably have been better to have that conversation with Tomlin privately than to say it publicly).

    It will be interesting to see if the Steelers 'go Gruden' and keep 4 QBs, or cut one of them. The Steelers have not kept 4 QBs at any time in the past that I can recall. Since Dixon is younger, it would appear that Batch is the odd man out. I agree that Batch is a decent QB (though it has been a while since he played) but he has lost a couple of steps by this point. The Steelers could keep him around as an extra coach or something after he is cut.
    Even if Leftwich starts, don't be surprised if Dixon doesn't get a shot by the 4th game. Leftwich is a long strider and needs a lot of room to throw. He also doesn't allude rushers very well. If the O-line struggles, Leftwich will struggle, and that is where Dixon has the advantage. Dixon can create plays off of broken plays (ala Ben). I agree that it looks like Batch is the odd man out. I think that he is there as an insurance policy( in case somebody gets hurt in camp or in a pre season game).

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    I watched Dixon play last year-he is making strides. He has mobility and can elude defenders with his feet. He keeps his eyes downfield, and has pretty good arm strength. He has a quick release and good footwork as a QB. He can still improve in decision making and reading defenses, but that will come with experience. I agree on Leftwich and his slow delivery-Dixon may see the field sooner rather than later-in fact, I hope that happens.

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