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Thread: What team led the NFL in passing last year?

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    What team led the NFL in passing last year?

    The Texans. But if you're in this forum, you probably already knew that. You could win a few bar bets with that one. Outside of Houston, of course.

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    Houston got close as a franchise last year to feeling successful but fell just short in a couple of ways. Overall though, the city is optimistic about the team going forward.

    My biggest concern for the past three years was the durability of Matt Schaub. He hadn't played more than 10 games in a season until last year, when he threw for more yards than anyone. Part of that might have been due to an anemic running game, but our aerial potency is undeniable. Going into this offseason most Texans fans had a feeling of comfort with our offensive line for the first time in our team's existence. If we can simply manage an average running game, we will be a very hard team to gameplan for.

    Going into this offseason we needed to improve on defense, and we have not done that. Our acquisition of Bernard Pollard last year surprised everyone when he turned out to be an excellent edition to our secondary. We lost Dunta Robinson this year and have not made any strides to improve the secondary beyond drafting Kareem Jackson out of Alabama, who I admit I have not seen play much. I was looking out for Kyle Wilson of Boise State but the draft did not fall to us that way.

    Amobi Okoye has not turned out to be the player we expected when we drafted him, and the supporting cast of DTs combine to be average at best, and we get very little interior pressure. Antonio Smith played decently at LE but for the money he's making I expect more production out of him. Mario needs more help if he's going to accumulate more than 9 sacks like 2009 after getting 26 in the two previous seasons combined (14, 12). The defense is the key for us because we already know we can score. I am skeptical until I see this Jackson kid and get an idea of how our running game will play. If we can keep the defense off the field longer they might have fresher legs.

    And let's not forget that we would have possibly had three more wins and been in the playoffs if not for a Shanky McShankenstein by the name of Kris Brown. Neil Rackers should edge him out for kicking duties no problem.

    A final mention of that other guy named Chris Brown who fumbled in the end zone against Jacksonville week 2. I was at that game and I wanted to throw things. He followed that up with a terribly ill-advised HB pass into the end zone that fell ten feet from a teammate against Indy. Why he was continually given opportunities by Kyle Shanahan to touch the ball baffled me last year. He did nothing but ensure my belief that he is a below average ballcarrier with declined downhill running ability.

    Texans fans cringe at the mention of anyone named Kris/Chris Brown and I look forward to seeing neither of them on the field this year. A field goal here, a yard or two there, and we might grab a wildcard spot this season. I don't expect to ever win the AFC South outright so long as a guy named Peyton Manning is competing against us. You seen that guy? He's...pretty good...

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    I think the Texans are really going to like Garrett Graham at TE. I've had season tickets to Wisconsin Badger games since 2006 and Garrett Graham is NFL ready right now. He catches everything thrown to him even if it is at his shoe laces. His speed and jumping ability is average for a TE, but his hands and blocking are outstanding. I'm pretty sure Owen Daniels was a senior and Graham a freshman in 2006, so that familiarity should aid in the transition.

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    I agree that Garrett Graham is going to be solid at TE but Owen still Has my utmost respect and if Graham is planning on being a True pro in the NFL he needs to soak up as much from Owen as possible.
    The Texans Defense is, in my opinion, getting stronger and younger. Texans have made some errors in the past but that is what gives me hope for playoff contention. I don't wish anything bad on any player but injuries can occur and Peyton is not indestructable. The Texans should play with HEART and the coaching will iron out the rough spots.

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