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Thread: Vince Young wins football games

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    Vince Young wins football games

    Vince Young had 5 bad weeks. He won in high school and college. He was offensive rookie of the year in '06. Took the Titans to the playoffs in '07 and won 8 of his 10 starts last year. In '08 he had 5 bad weeks in the pre-season through opening day. Taking a year off seems to have helped, having Chris Johnson behind him has helped more. He didn't look like he was trying to win every game by himself last year. He'll never be a great statistical QB like Payton Manning or even Steve Young, but he has a career record of 26-13. He wins games.

  2. Hear Hear! And so he has a weird personality and did some dumb things in his twenties off the field, who hasn't? I don't get why Vince gets treated as a mediocre QB with a 26-13 record, while Cutler is still seen as some undiscovered raw talent with his sub .500 record.

  3. Yes he does. Vince is a game changer his problem is his football IQ and his off-field mental issues. Very similar to Vick. Won't throw from the pocket at a good rate but once he gets moving and defenses start breaking down he knows how to exploit with his legs and his arm.

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    I really do think the guy is a winner. He's proven it at every level he's played at. I've taken heat amongst friends for defending him in the past, but I won't back down. The only thing that will stop him from being a great is HIM.

    While he's not a pro-typical pocket passer, he is already a way better pocket passer then Vick (he can complete more then 60%, and Vick never came close to that).

  5. I think half the reason people don't recognize his talent is his wierd release of the football. If it looks like the guy doesn't know how to throw people are going to automatically write him off as being untalented even though he gets the ball where he needs it to be on a consistent basis. Plus I don't think he is that great as far as fantasy football stats are concerned so that also has casual fans probably writing him off. Really is there that much difference between him and Big Ben? They both use their size, speed, and strength to make up for whatever they are lacking in natural QB talents.

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    He does have a very strange side-arm release. It was a big question when he came out of Texas. Mack Brown wouldn't change it because he figured if the kid can play, let him play the way he wants. He has an innate ability to win games even without posting typically "good" stat lines. He is a dual threat and is also a really big guy (6'5" 235lbs) so he is a matchup problem for defenses. How do you defend the guy? He is just a straight up winner. Has been since high school.

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