Inside Linebacker -- Lawrence Timmons versus Larry Foote.

Steelers management bringing back Foote in the offseason sends a clear message that they are concerned with either the productivity or consistency of Timmons.

ESPN projected Lawrence Timmons to be a breakout star linebacker in 2009 with Larry Foote leaving the steelers and joining the Lions roster, but Timmons was at best... under the expectations set for him, in part due to a leg injury suffered during preseason and lingering throughout the regular season.

What I'm hearing from fans in the Pittsburgh area suggest that Timmons is unbelievably gifted athletically.... but he is lacking the ability to process information quickly pre-snap and also not grasping the defensive playbook and assignments.

While Larry Foote may not have the sideline to sideline quickness, passrush ability, or overall skill of Timmons, he may beat out Timmons for the inside LB job alongside Farrior, since he is smart and rarely makes the "big mistake on the big play".

Signs lead to Foote winning the starting job back and Timmons being assigned to a pass rushing role on 3rd down.