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Thread: Question for Turk

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    Quote Originally Posted by DannyMilk View Post
    Bring in Moss

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Andy Freeland View Post
    No ... Spanish!!

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    I think Carson Palmer has gotten a bum rap in Cincy. People say he hasn't been the same since his injury but he also hasn't had the same weapon s that he had then. TJ Whosurmomma hasn't done well on other teams but he was a fantastic outlet/safety receiver in Cincy. Palmer didn't have anyone in 2010 that he could go to when things broke down.
    I could not believe the amount of criticism Palmer got from Bengals fans (I lived near there for two years). You guys browbeat CP mercilessly. It's unreal. Scott Mitchell & Joey Harrington took less abuse from us Lions fans.
    Screw you guys, I'm going home.

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    Thanks for the insight Turk. It's hard to tell much from the stats for sure, but I found them quite surprising.

    Thanks to you too Dave. You confirm a lot of what some fans have speculated, but have never seen confirmed by a credible source.

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    haha, sure, why not
    2010 Chicago Bears: NFC North Champions

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