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Thread: 3-headed quarterback

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    3-headed quarterback

    My money's on Kyle Orton to start the season. He has a year in the system and to McDaniels, the system is everything. Tebow probably gets a package of plays around mid-season, but doesn't start unless things go horribly wrong for the Broncos. Quinn should be the 2nd stringer, at least at the beginning of the year, but it wouldn't completely shock me if he's gone before opening day. Traded or even cut, with Brandstater sticking around as #3.

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    Shows what I know. The Broncos released Brandstater, which should end any speculation about Quinn being traded or cut.

  3. One would assume that both Quinn and Orton compete for the starting position, no? As much as I liked what Orton added to the team, their defense is what led them to a 6-0 start and Orton was a nice "game manager".

    As for Tebow's role, it will be nearly identical to what the Eagles did last year with Vick. He'll be brought in for some random wildcat plays and have very little effect on their overall offense.

  4. I don't know how often they'll be able to use Tebow in a Vick-like wild horses formation unless they declare him as the 2nd string QB. If I'm correct, your 3rd QB can't play until the 4th quarter; if he does, your other QBs are ineligible to return.

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    Orton has more real game experience as well...BUT, does McDaniels stick with Orton after one of his classic "I still think I'm in Chicago and Ron Turner's calling my plays" 3 interception games?

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    There is no doubt Orton is going to begin the season as the starter but come mid season whenever the Broncos are collapsing again there will be a lot of fans wanting to see what Tebow can do. I was a huge fan of Tebow's while he was at Florida and think he can eventually be a solid QB in the NFL but he is not even close to being ready to play. Let Orton start, Quinn can be the backup, and Tebow can be #3 and learn the offense. Then maybe next year at the earliest Tebow can compete for the starting job.

  7. Of course Orton is going to be the starter he might not be great, but he is certainly better than Brady Quinn. Quinn is still living off his one decent season at Notre Dame. Even his senior year was a collosal disappointment. If the Broncos are looking for a guy to underthrow his receivers by 5 to 10 yards or they are basing their decision by who does the most curls in the gym then Quinn is definitely their man.

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    Orton will start and have an '05 Plummer type of year, the Broncos will make it past the first round of the playoffs, and then there will be drama and debate about what to do with the 3 going into next offseason. Personally I like things about all three of them and they all have very different pros and cons, but I think letting Orton start and giving Tebow 1 or 2 years to develop as a backup will give the Broncos the best shot long term. Quinn will be the odd man out and be the backup as he will probably always be wherever he plays. Unfortunately at other positions the team is built for the short term, but that discussion is for a different post.

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    I do not understand the projection of Tebow as a wildcat guy. He doesn't run well enough to be a running back, he doesn't throw well enough to be a quarterback. What is the upside of direct snapping him the ball? He doesn't have the skills, so you put in a package to highlight the fact that he doesn't have the skills?

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    It is a lot of fun to talk about the three-headed QB, but let's remember the biggest change to the Bronc-Oh-No's offense this season: no Brandon Marshall. Eddie Royal is nice as a slot guy, but they already have Stokley to fill that 'role.' Thomas is a long ways off, especially with no prolific 'long-ballers' on the roster at QB. He is going to have to refine his route-running in order to step in and be effective with Orton or Quinn hurling the rock to him.

    I really don't think it matters who the QB is this year--the offense will still be relatively inept because there are not enough weapons around 'fill-in-the-blank' QB.
    “There is an old saying about the strength of the wolf is the pack, and I think there is a lot of truth to that. On a football team, it's not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.”--Bill Belichick

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