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Thread: Tomlin to get three-year extension

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    Tomlin to get three-year extension

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will sign a three-year extension, keeping the Super Bowl-winning coach in place through the 2014 season.

    Tomlin is 31-17 in three seasons as Pittsburgh's coach, never suffering a losing season. This past season, he missed the playoffs for the first time since he took over for Bill Cowher in 2007. The Steelers, without SS Troy Polamalu and DE Aaron Smith for the vast majority of the season, lost seven games by a combined 28 points, with the largest deficit being a six-point loss to Cleveland - the first loss to the Browns since 2003.

    This season will prove to be the most difficult in Tomlin's tenure, being without starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for at least four games, and without starting right tackle Willie Colon for the season. Steelers leading receiver Santonio Holmes was traded to the Jets after it was announced he picked up a four-game suspension for violation of the substance abuse policy.

    Tomlin has said he wants to return to a stronger rushing attack this year after the team struggled in that department a season ago. The contract has been earned to date, but all eyes will be on Pittsburgh, more pointedly, at Tomlin and his ability to bring the Steelers back to the playoffs.

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    good for him.
    “The year we beat Miami in the Super Bowl, ... do you know how many defensive linemen were in our rotation? Nine, and we used them all quite a bit. We just wore the Dolphins out.”

    ~Bill Walsh

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    Aryans likes to run the ball so I'd be shocked if they didn't try to get back to that this season. They were limited last year by personnel and injuries and had to adapt, relying almost entirely on Ben at times. I expect to see a more traditional Steelers team this season, and I think Tomlin has done a great job since taking over. I like his demeanor and the way he runs the team.

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    Tomlin knows he will never get the huge money ($7-8 million a year) from the Steelers. However, he knows that he has a secure job (as secure as jobs are in the NFL) with the best franchise in NFL history, supported by an ownership and front office who know how to run an NFL team. He knows that if he did leave to chase the dollars, he may end up with a team that pays him more, but expects an instant Super Bowl and is ready to fire him after 1-2 years (Dan Snyder, anyone?). Tomlin can stay with the Steelers, re-tool a team that is already pretty good, and reasonably expect to field a playoff contender each year (with another Super Bowl not far behind). While not making as many millions as he could, how much money can a man spend? How many cars can you drive? How many houses can you live in? He is more well-off financially than 99% of the population, and does not seem obsessed by the dollars anyway (which is part of what makes him a great head coach).

    As Head Coach of the Steelers, he knows that the ownership won't pull the rug out from under him if a certain season does not go as planned (like last year). This gives him the comfort and support to coach to the best of his ability, trusting the support he gets from the Rooneys and the front office. Also, the Steelers knew that if Tomlin hit the 'free agent' coaching market, his price tag could go way up, so it was in their best interest to lock him up before his contract expired. This also avoids the 'lame duck' status that inevitably gets applied to any coach in the last year of their deal. Once again, we see why the Steelers have won 6 Super Bowls-they make the right decisions on and off the field.

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