With both Marcus McNeill and Vincent Jackson threatening to hold out into the season, some people believe this could derail the Chargers' Superbowl Run. AJ Smith decided to sign replacements that are major downgrades at both positions.
  • McNeill has been great in the passing game and about average in the running game. He has also had some issues with his neck and had surgery last year. His replacement Tra Thomas is ... old , and was released by Jacksonville this year. Thomas' ability to protect Rivers' blindside and physically last the season at a demanding position is a great concern in the mind of any Charger fan if McNeill misses time. The rhythm of the passing game and the physical safety of Rivers greatly depend on the Left Tackle.

  • Jackson has developed into a go-to target, a legitimate deep threat and a match up nightmare against small corners. He had many great catches last season that directly resulted in Charger wins. Jackson averaged over 17 yards a catch that made the Chargers a big play team. He also had a DUI which has resulted in a suspension of three games. Josh Reed is not going to replace Jacksons production. If anything, Reed will probably be a slot Receiver, and has yet to develop chemistry with Rivers. Replacing Jackson's production will fall upon Gates,Floyd, Naanee and Davis. Davis has spent more time in the trainers room than on the field thus far in his career, and Floyd is injury prone as well. How will the chargers fare when their major strength can potentially be dealt a major blow if Jackson holds out?

Under these circumstances, who's contract should AJ Smith prioritize over the other?