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Thread: What kind of timetable are we looking at?

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    What kind of timetable are we looking at?

    We are obviously in year 2 of a rebuilding process. How long do we think it's going to take to get back to perennial playoffs and SB contender. What's everyone else think? Should we continue to get better through the draft, play these young guys and let them grow together? Or should they be bringing in some free agents and making some trades to get this team heading to the playoffs either this year or the next?

    Personally I can go through some lean years (like all us fans had to do before the late 90's) if it means we grow a team that can be a legit threat for 10 years.

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    I think this year we might hit .500 if we get a couple calls go our way, a couple good breaks, whatever. Probably more along 5-11, 6-10. I'm confident this team is improved over last years debacle though. If we somehow make the playoffs, Morris should be Coach of the Year and Bucs fans should give him a parade down Dale Mabry Avenue in front of the stadium.

    Realistically, i think 2011 (if there is no strike/lockout) would be the earliest we compete, with 2012-2015/16ish being a nice window when the core we have now will be in their prime.

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    I'm hoping for 8-8 this year but more realistically looking to a 5-11,6-10 Season. Tampa has some nice talent on the roster but too many rookies are being asked to contribute early, though I expect them to finish the year really strong. Honestly, if Dom just keeps killing drafts like he has for the last 2 years, I think this plan will honestly succeed. I have faith in Raheem as a D-Coordinator due to that last 6 games and as Head Coach for the sole reason is that team never gave up on him at all last year, which considering how big a mess the season was says a lot. I think by 2011 we will be an 8-8 team and then after constantly contending year in and out for the playoffs if not more. Off course this all totally depends on Freeman's progress this year, which while has me excited still makes me remember how fragile this team is at the moment

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