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Thread: Matt Leinart - Look no further...

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    Matt Leinart - Look no further...

    If Leinart needs any added motivation, he should look no further than this site! He is getting creamed on these message boards. It's too early to tell what the "expert" sentiment towards this team will be. I guess we will see in a couple of weeks when ESPN starts paying attention to the NFL again.

    Call me optimistic, but am I the only one that thinks that Leinart and the Cardinals are being underestimated and written off based on a string of games that he started as a Rookie in 2006? Are we really supposed to believe that he would have fared all that differently than say Sanchez did with a vastly superior supporting cast? (at least from an O-Line and defensive perspective). Or is it just because young QBs who fill the shoes of future hall of famers are more heavily scrutinized?

    I have been fairly quiet on the Leinart issue because there are so many variables in play - looking at his 2006 numbers without context is neither fair nor logical. It has been mildly addressed here in the Cardinals forum, but I figured I would come back to the well for some Arizona homerism.

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    I think Leinart will be fine. But I'm a Cardinals fan too.

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    He looked terrible against the packers in week 17 last year. He lost a weapon in Boldin. I think the only way that he has success is if the team can run the football. I am kind of high on Beanie Wells, is it looking like he is going to be the #1 guy this year to Hightower? How is their O-Line?

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    Ive said as much before, but I recognize that Leinart will not be Warner. I just dont think that it's definitely going to submarine the team and hand the division to the 49ers.

    Having said that, the O-Line is much improved (especially from 2006). Their pass protection has been solid for the past few seasons, but their run blocking really started to develop in the latter part of 2009. I too believe that Beanie is the man. He is definitely the #1 back heading into camp. If this team doesn't correct their pass/run ratio they are dead in the water. But if they do run effectively and Leinart takes on the role of game manager, is it that far fetched to say that they can win the West? Every other team in the division has major question marks too.

    It looks like you may be a Packer fan? I will tell you that the Cardinals won't be winning any games like last year's divisional round game. If teams like Packers hang that many points on them, there is no way that they will be walking away with the bail-out W courtesy of the offense.
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    Nice insight on the running game, I'm from Green Bay and going to school in at Wisconsin, so I am indeed a Packer fan. I've seen plenty of Beanie Wells at Ohio State-Wisconsin college football games and think it's about time he comes into his own. Also, I think Whisenhunt would prefer to be a running team with his bruising offense history in Pitt.

    San Fran looks to be constantly improving and I think it will be tough for the Cards to overtake them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JUMPAROUND View Post
    ... Also, I think Whisenhunt would prefer to be a running team with his bruising offense history in Pitt. San Fran looks to be constantly improving and I think it will be tough for the Cards to overtake them.
    Ill buy off on that with all of the unanswered questions for the Cardinals organization. But if they don't win the division, the fault will not be all Leinart's - and may not even be his at all.

    I started this thread b/c I was tired of reading people write "The 49ers will win the West b/c I don't have faith in Leinart" - In reality, its likely a bit more complicated. Although he makes a convenient scape goat.

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    I am wrong is remembering that Leinhart actually was decent when he had a full half-season? Was that in his first or second year? I think he had 11 TDs and 10 picks or something, which is pretty good for a young guy. This is all from memory, please correct it.
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    Not sure about the numbers either - he was functional, as you would want your young QB to be. But he wasn't phenomenal, and I suppose that's what a lot of people think that the Cardinals need.

    A quick google reveals: Polishguy was almost spot on!
    2006: 12 Games, 11TD, 10 INT, 4 Fumbles.

    I think that 2 additional years of less pressure, more preparation and perhaps a change in attitude/maturity may serve him well.

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    Whisenhunt has been trying to turn the Cardinals into a run first offense since he first arrived. He gave Warner the reigns to the offense because he realized that doing so gave them the best chance to win. I think Whisenhunt will welcome a change in offensive philosophy. The offensive line has more talent than it has in recent years and hopefully Grimm and a veteran presence like Faneca can build some great chemistry with the new look line. If Leinart can be a game manager and not lose games for the team, the Cardinals will be vying for a playoff spot. The argument that Leinart isn't near the QB Warner was is absurd. We all know he isn't in the same class, but he may not need to be.

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    Couldn't agree more. Perfectly said.

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