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Thread: Matt Leinart - Look no further...

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    this will be Beanies breakout it.
    There is only one immutable law in life - in a gentleman's toilet, incoming traffic has the right of way.
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    Matt Leinart is not a good NFL QB point blank, the Cards best chance of winning games this year will be getting their running established with Wells/Hightower, for them to win they have to be a "running team"

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZCardsFan View Post
    Ill buy off on that with all of the unanswered questions for the Cardinals organization. But if they don't win the division, the fault will not be all Leinart's - and may not even be his at all.

    I started this thread b/c I was tired of reading people write "The 49ers will win the West b/c I don't have faith in Leinart" - In reality, its likely a bit more complicated. Although he makes a convenient scape goat.
    49er's are going to win the west because they've built up a freakin good team out there and AZ has Leinart and Joey Porter...ummmm no
    "I suggest a new strategy Artoo...Let the Wookie win..."

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