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Thread: new logo

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    new logo

    Hey Andy nice logo on the top of the page! good work
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    Definitely looks sharp. Cheers.
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    I just noticed it too. Thought I was just tired at first and going nuts. Good stuff. The whole top bar feels cleaner to me now.

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    agree....not that I disliked the old logo either. Good work though, even regardless of the ninja penis subtlety with the FP (joking, of course)
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    Thanks guys, glad everyone likes the new look.

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    is this in response to whoever commented the site looked like it was made in the mid 90's??? lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjchefer View Post
    is this in response to whoever commented the site looked like it was made in the mid 90's??? lol
    In part (and that comment was made more than once). The original design was something I put up over a couple of days, just to get something online. It was always our plan to do a re-design and I just now got around to it. The major driving force was to create a logo that we could put on hats and shirts, not necessarily for sales, but just cause it would be cool to have some gear.

  8. Nice to see the changes and the new logo is a nice addition.
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    looking classy, this'll definitely bring in the advertisers you guys have been waiting for huh andy

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    well, change is always good!

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