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Thread: Lions 2010 Pro Bowlers

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    Lions 2010 Pro Bowlers

    I know that the Lions don't tend to have a lot of representation on the NFC Pro Bowl roster but I think this is going to change very soon and could start as early as this year. Starting with the obvious I think barring injury Calvin is going to be a lock this year but I think he could be joined by a few other candidates not a lock but not crazy either. Here are my potential Pro Bowlers in 2010 and the future.
    1. Delmas--The guys got elite safety written all over him and by the end of last year was starting to really catch on with a year under his belt he could become the next big safety in this league.
    2. Julian Peterson--He was an alternate last year and because of our REALLY crappy pass rush he played most of the year out of position at D End.
    3. Tony Scheffler--With every D cordinator worried about #81 Scheffler could put up some monster numbers this season.
    Dark Horses-- not likely but you never now Vanden Bosch or Corey Williams and if Best puts togethor enough highlight worthy runs he could be this years Harvin (big play rookie making pro bowl)

    I also believe that in the future- Stafford(multiple), Levy(85 tackles as a rookie in multiple LB spots. I know he missed 12 tackles but potential is there), Suh (multiple)

    I am not saying this is all going to happen but it's possible and more than just a dream in my opinion...or I'm drunk on blue Kool-aid you decide. Love to hear the thoughts of the FPL Nation.
    "Last year, we gained respect. This year, we want fear." - Ndamukong Suh.

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    I'll take it from the lack of replies i'm crazy
    "Last year, we gained respect. This year, we want fear." - Ndamukong Suh.

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    LOL! It's Cool Man; I think the Lions have a ways to go before they're a legit team but they do have my interest as a group of men primed to get better this year and show they aren't push overs.

    While I don't have any Pro Bowl predictions, I think that they will Mos Deff be able to gain respect for working and playing hard. This group won't be your grandfather's Lions. You can mark it!
    "This Game is Not For the Faint of Heart" --Bill Parcells

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    I really ike Stafford,he showed alot of toughness last year and seems to be the real deal
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    The Lions are starting to develop some talent, but I think most are still a couple of years from Pro Bowl. If I had to pick potential pro bowlers this year from Detroit I would go with Calvin Johnson and Louis Delmas, but even if Delmas plays at a pro bowl level (and I'm not sure he'll get there this year), he probably won't make it until the team has more success.

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