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Thread: Denver's Heralded Running Game?

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    Denver's Heralded Running Game?

    This is the first year that I view our running game as the the biggest question mark going into the season. I still believe Moreno can be a great back if he learns patience and improves his field vision, but the fact that he didn't really have a breakout game last year coupled with the second biggest question mark of the O line and I am left with an unfamiliar uncertainty that the Broncos will have a solid running game that we have always been able to rely on in the past.

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    Heralded? Who heralds the Denver running game? lol

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    Whole new regime. Shanny took all those old accomplishments with him. Josh McDaniels has big shoes to fill.

  4. There is something to be said about the culture of the running game in Denver. TD, Howard Grifftith, and the SB 32/33 O-lines are still very fresh in all of our minds. We expect a good running game b/c for the last 15 years that was the identity of the Bronco offense. I'm with cody, even if we don't use use Shanny's and Alex Gibbs' scheme, I still expect a top 10 running game.

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    Playing out of the shotgun pushes the running game to the backseat. I think this offense, atleast the form we saw last year, is built to allow 1200-1400 yards max for any one runner. If Knowshon can achieve that, we should be happy.

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